Sunday, December 8, 2013

Some Color in the Winter

Occasionally in college or before dances in high school I used a tanning bed. Sun exposure helps a skin condition I have on the backs of my arms and also makes me look healthier. At least I think so.

But of course I knew...tanning is bad for your skin.

So last year I went on a hunt to find some self tanners that looked natural without making me look orange or streaky. I'm not trying to look TAN, I'm just looking for a little bit of color for the winter. Also nice to not have to buy new makeup the paler and paler I get :-)

Sometimes I use self tanner once a week, sometimes twice a week and sometimes not for weeks...just depends on how much effort I want to put in. HA! I'm not always consistent, but I'm glad to have the option to add some color!

FakeBake Flawless
I briefly mentioned FakeBake in this post back in May. It is my favorite! You spray it on your skin and use the mit provided to smear it around evenly. I only use it on my arms, neck, chest and face at night and then shower off in the morning. A good video on application can be found HERE.

PROS: It's really dark after you wake up, but color is really natural after rinsing off. It lasts for several days. Scent is tropical, which I really like, and has very little "self tanner" smell. The mit is really handy and easy to use.

CONS: Be careful not too apply too much above your lip, or in between your eyebrows or it looks weird. It's also hard to apply on hands without looking streaky (streaks are not really an issue anywhere else though). You also have to wash the mit occasionally which is kind of annoying.

Fake Bake can be purchased on amazon HERE for around $13. One bottle usually lasts me the whole winter.

Sun Labs Overnight Tan in Medium
One of my favorite beauty bloggers suggested this on her website and I tried it for the first time a few months ago. Sun Labs is a lotion that you apply using gloves. I apply it on the same places I do FakeBake -on my arms, neck, chest and face at night and shower off in the morning.

PROS: This has a really even application when you rub it in well -no streaks or orangey tones. Trent said he thinks the color looks more natural than FakeBake. It's scentless -very, very little "self tanner" smell. Easy to use on hands without streaks -I just rub the backs of my hands together with a pea size amount after taking my gloves off.

CONS: It doesn't go on quite as dark as FakeBake, so I feel like I have to reapply more frequently. That's really my biggest complaint -Results aren't as noticeable as FakeBake.

Sun Labs can be purchased on Amazon HERE for around $7. I haven't had it long enough to know, but I assume it will last me until about April, when the sun starts peaking out!

I hope this is helpful for you! Trent was kind of confused that I was writing about this. " you want people to know you use that stuff?" MY LIFE IS AN OPEN BOOK!

A few questions you might be wondering:

What other self tanning products have you tried?
Over the years I've tried Jergens Natural Glow, FakeBake Original (lotion kind), Loreal Sublime Bronze, Neutrogena build a tan etc.

What do you think about drug store products like Jergens?
I don't like them. The smell is just too much for me, even if they say they are scentless. Plus the color doesn't last as long.

Will I get streaks?
If you rub it in well, you won't get streaks. Be especially careful around your fingers and wrists, jaw bone and ears. The first time or two I tried FakeBake I got way too much on the back sides of my hands and had to scrub it off! :-( You will learn as you go! Don't be scared!

Does your face break out from either product?
Nope. I have never had any problems.

Do the products last after showering?
Yes, but they do fade (and it's probably good they do -they apply a little too "tan" for my liking). I do not suggest exfoliating or it won't last as long. Exfoliate the day before you use the product and just use your hands and some soap the morning after.

Will this give me the same results as a spray tan?
It's similar, so yes and no. I don't use these products all over my entire body, just my arms, neck, chest and face. If you are looking for a really even tan because you are going to be in a wedding or something, I would highly recommend getting a spray tan at a salon. Spray tans have come a LONG way in the past 5 years or so. You won't come out orange in the new automated machines, which most salons have. I think the one I used was called a VersaSpa. Those tans will last you about 5 days.

Let me know if you have any questions!

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