Monday, January 6, 2014

Gracie "Garbage" Raines

Here I am again, telling a story about how embarrassed I am of my dog.

Except this time, I am responsible for the embarrassment.

It all started 4 years ago with a little puppy named Harley.

Harley was part of a liter my roomie Lillian was trying to give away after her dog got preggers.

I pretended like Harley was mine for a solid week or two. Walking him around campus and such. There is nothing more exciting than a puppy on a college campus. Nothing.

I picked Harley out of the crowd because he was super chubby. But he still fit in my purse. Winning.

I dropped him off for Trent and his roomie Aaron to watch one day.

Worst idea ever.

Harley pooped all over the apartment. Like everywhere.

From then on Aaron referred to him as "Garbage".

Then Harley got a new home. I was sad. Harley probably was too. And the garbage joke really never ended.

3 years later...

We adopted Gracie Belle. The tiniest, cutest puppy I had ever seen in real life (turns out the cuteness is just a cover up for the troublemaker inside).

And of course...Aaron called her Garbage.

(Aaron, me, Trentsicle)

A few weeks ago we got a Christmas package in the mail. From Aaron.

I was excited. Trent was even more excited. Because he loves presents like a 6 year old on Christmas morning.

Inside the package was THIS...

A collar with a doggie tag that said: "Garbage"

Funniest gift EVER. Mostly because Gracie actually LOVES garbage. Little trash digger.

Aaron is the best.

I told you that story to tell you this one...

Yesterday we picked Gracie up from the kennel after arriving home from St Louis. I was expecting one of the following responses from the staff:

(1) Another compliment from the receptionist about how awesome my dog is (see Facebook statuses below)

(2) She finally let her true colors show and they ask us to NEVER bring her back.

Well, they were super busy so we didn't get either response. They sort of just rushed us out the door and sent us on our way. Strange.

So we got in the car and Gracie was going freaking bonkers. Licking our faces 1,000,000 licks a minute. That's when I saw it...

Oh wow.




Oh gosh.

Officially the worst parents ever.

Who names their dog Garbage!?

Actually, all the staff there already knew her name was Gracie Belle....So who RENAMES their dog Garbage!?

Apparently we do.

And I was suddenly relieved the sweet receptionist didn't have time to chat so I wouldn't have to explain.

So here's to you, Garbage Raines. If you were a 14 year old girl, I would have embarrassed you to the point of no return. I would be dropping you off 3 blocks from school. Never to volunteer for a field trip in fear that I may humiliate you EVEN MORE.

Good thing you're not a 14 year old girl.

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