Sunday, January 5, 2014

St Louis

Our extended weekend was packed full of funzies. (I want to know why "funzies" keeps autocorrecting to "funnies" without my permission. Just stop.)

New Years day I went to Dillard's after my friend Heidi informed me of the 50% off clearance deal going on. Little did I know, this place would be a freaking mad house!!!!!

Here is the shoe department, 11am on what I like to call BLACK New Years Day (like black friday, but worse).

The deals were awesome.

No one should be surprised by the fact that I joined in on the chaos and possibly bought 5 pairs of shoes...

Trent and I were so busy for the holidays that we hadn't finished christmas shopping for each other. So I basically bought myself the rest of my Christmas gifts. Plus some. Go me.

Good thing footwear is my career. Validation right there. Or maybe just a really, really good excuse to buy shoes.

Thursday we left for our friend George and Julie's wedding in St Louis!

Trent hung with George and the wedding dudes all weekend. It's rare Trent meets someone who has an equal love for Dr. Pepper. That's probably why Trent was best man.

I brought some of the groomsmen doughnuts and Trent ate 5.

I had the honor of doing Julie's makeup for the wedding. SHE IS BEAUTIFUL! It took no effort at all to make her absolutely glow.

I have enjoyed so much getting to know her, especially within the last year. She is so bubbly and sweet and I loved getting to be a part of her big day! You will love her blog found HERE.

(Unfortunately this is the only photo I got...)

The wedding was at a gorgeous venue called the Jewel Box. Trent and I took some pics after the ceremony while we waited to usher the married couple to the reception.

I would like to thank the 15 year old girl who took the following 3 photos. Your mom didn't know how to use an iPhone, so you got volunteered. Sorry about it.

Trent being...Trent.

Creeping is MY game. Get out.

Got to see my beautiful friend Jacqueline!!

Trent's speech was perfectly on point. The food was great and the dance floor was busy. I wish the WOP could have been played 10 more times because I'm obsessed.

Saturday night St Louis had a literal blizzard.

After unlimited Hot Chocolate at Bob Evans, we made the attempt home. (Reid rode with us too!)

Worst conditions I have ever seen on a highway.

I had to distract myself from being a back seat driver the entire time....

I mostly just closed my eyes and pretended to sleep.

Here we are going 30mph on the highway....

We picked Gracie up from boarding once we got home to Topeka. More to come on that....just know Gracie may now be referred to as "Garbage" Raines.

Happy first week of the new year!!

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