Monday, February 10, 2014

Be Bold

I resigned from my job last week.

Me (left) and my sister Melody :-)
I am sad. I loved my job.

I don't feel the need to justify my reasons for leaving, but I'm confident I made the right decision.

I've learned how to be bold. I've learned that boldness is necessary, even though it's almost always uncomfortable. I've learned the importance of standing up for yourself, addressing hard issues and suggesting solutions. And I've learned how to respectfully walk away.

I am thankful that my career does not define who I am. I am thankful to have worked where I did for the past 9 months. I am thankful I have a husband who can support us financially while I search for new opportunity.

I got to relax with family in Kansas City this weekend. I also got a nice break from my dog, which is kind of like sending a toddler overnight to grandma's. It was glorious.

Uncle Trent...or as he likes to call himself, Uncle TT. Or Uncle Teetes. Yes, this is real.

My brother, Caleb, was up for Sweetheart King at his high school and won!! So proud of you Caleb.

Matthew 7:25

We are back in Topeka and I have created all kinds of new DIY projects for myself. I also have a pile of blog posts I need to finish up.

Never a dull moment.

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