Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Gracie and the cat

Gracie did something bad today.

Raise your hand if you are surprised.

In between me being a busy stay-at-home-wifey, Trent and I went on a walk during our lunch hour. Just kidding about the busy part, but not really. Bragging about being a stay-at-home-wife is actually more fun than actually being a stay-at-home-wife.

So anyways, we went on a walk. Gracie has been driving us both ABSOLUTELY INSANE the past few weeks due to snow and days of built up energy.

She jumped in every single muddy puddle in our entire neighborhood because she hates us. She also stopped at every large bush and literally peed a single drop. Both of these facts are completely irrelevant to this story, but I just wanted you to understand how annoying she is.

So we are a block from home when Gracie sees a black cat. She makes the intelligent decision to run FULL SPEED towards that thing. Her leash catches her by the neck and literally lifts all 4 paws off the ground.

And then she does it again.

And again.

And we just sort of stand there like "Are you serious?" while our tiny dog goes nuts at the other end.

But catching that black cat is worth every single whip lash to little Gracie Belle Raines. Every. single. whiplash.

We take Gracie home before she does permanent damage to her neck. Trent leaves to visit a client and I decide to dig through our nasty shed for treasures. Because what else do I have to do?

Side Note...I found this magnificent piece of work. Definitely be blogging about this in a post coming soon....yes I am serious.

So after I finish trash digging through our shed, I swing open the back door to come back inside and guess who jets out the door?

Yes. Gracie.

Normally she heads straight for the garage because she is obsessed with car rides.


That little nut runs straight down the driveway, across the neighbors yard and disappears. It took me a second to realize what's happening. She has never actually ran away (except when she saw a bunny once, but that's a story for another day).

So the first thing I do is yell "GRACIE NO!!" in a very angry mom voice.

Does she listen? Of course she doesn't. She never does. I don't even know why I thought that would work.

So I sprint down the driveway after her, yelling mean things the whole time, in a loud, mom voice until I turn the corner...

and see there are city tree trimmers standing 2 houses down.

And my dog. Running in circles around them.

Ohhhhhh embarrassing.

By the time they see me (which is probably AFTER hearing all my yelling), they start trying to catch Gracie.

If you know my dog, you know this is a stupid idea.

I can only imagine the thoughts going on her head "YAY! People are chasing me! RUN FASTERRRRRRRR!"

So here are 2 grown men, fully geared up in hard hats and tool belts, chasing my tiny 10 pound dog in circles.

The third tree trimmer is by the truck, laughing historically "That little thing is FAST!" And she is. They can't even touch her.

You guys.....this continues for, I kid you not, 5 whole minutes. Gracie DOES NOT STOP.

At this point I'm sort of laughing. It's really more of a nervous/embarrassed laugh. Because my dog is running in figure eights. I'm literally just standing there watching her. And the tree trimmers don't stop trying! They think they are going to catch her. Or maybe think she will wear out.


We've played these games before. I know my dog. And I know there is no way in heck she is even close to tired. Especially when they keep egging her on, making her think they are playing tag. MY DOG IS THE QUEEN OF TAG!

Let me shoot it to you straight you guys...you will NEVER catch my dog. She's like a freaking cheetah. I know, I don't get it either. Her legs are like 6 inches long.

So finally she stops the circles. Thank God for stopping the never ending circles!!!!!

She runs between some houses and disappears. I run over there with twiddle dee and twiddle dumber, the tree trimmers. We all just kind of stare for a second...both backyards are gated and Gracie is no where to be found.

I think back to our walk from earlier. I remember the black cat who squeezed between two boards to get to a neighbor's backyard. I don't blame the cat. I would have shoved myself into a small hole as well to get away from that obnoxious bark.

"100% guarantee my dog is in THIS backyard."

I peak through the fence and see that little terror making laps in the neighbors yard.

Ugh. Embarrassing.

I know she is going to come darting through those 2 boards any minute so I sit and wait. I was like Steve Erwin about to catch a wild croc.

Sure enough, I spy Gracie Belle headed straight for that opening and WHAM!

I catch her mid squeeze.


She is covered in mud, of course. And I'm obligated to have awkward conversation with the tree trimmers.

I look over at the 3rd trimmer who is leaning up again his truck DYING laughing. "That dog has more energy than any dog..." *more laughing*

Thanks. I know.

I am participating in Dropcam's pet story challenge! (Not that Gracie was worse today than any other day...) Join in!

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