Tuesday, February 11, 2014

My Friend Ashley

I met my friend Ashley our freshman year of high school...almost 10 YEARS AGO (makes me feel old)!

After high school, Ashley got involved in a Christian campus organization called The Navigators at Northwest Missouri State University.

Shortly after graduation, Ashley decided to take on an opportunity through The Navigators to live in Southeast Asia for a commitment of 2 years. 

Just a few weeks before she left, she was in our wedding :-) I am so glad she was able to be there!


Ashley has devoted her time in Southeast Asia to be a witness for Jesus. She has made genuine friendships and shown love to the people around her. I found out recently that most of the students she spends her time with have really NEVER had a genuine, loving, encouraging friendship. She lives in the dorms among 4 other Americans who share her similar values and beliefs. What she is doing is brave, inspiring and honorable to the Lord. 

Ashley has recently felt called to extend her time in Southeast Asia and stay an additional 6 months. This requires LOTS more fundraising, which is difficult for Ashley to do while she is overseas. She is in need of $10,000 of financial support to stay until December of 2014. 

I asked Ashley if I could write this blog post to ask my friends if they would please consider donating. I cannot think of anyone I would trust more than Ashley to be the hands and feet of Jesus in a desperate and lost Southeast Asian college campus. She is a personable, humble, patient woman who radiates love and acceptance. I am so thankful that she took the leap of faith to serve in a foreign country, and I am so thankful we are able to support her mission financially.

I would like to present two options for you to partner with Ashley to help her meet her financial need. Would you prayerfully consider the following:

1. Giving monthly gifts of $35, $50, $100, $200 or more?

2. A special year-end gift of $100, $250, $500, $1000 or more?

-Click "donate" from the topline menu
-On the right hand search bar, for "name or Nav ID" type 23797038 and hit the magnifyn glass
-Click "make a donation" then choose $ amount and click "add donation"
-The next screen will take you through a "check out" process confirming your giving amount
-Once you click "check out" you will enter your giving information (through your bank or credit card)

If you are interested in receiving Ashley's personal email updates about her time in Southeast Asia, please comment below with your email address, or email me at katieraines123@gmail.com

Thanks friends!


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