Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Trent's La-Z-Boy

I met Trent my freshmen year of college.

I will never forget my first visit to his dorm room.

It's smelled sort of like...a wet basement.

I sat in the only chair in the room...a blue La-Z-Boy recliner.

At some point during my visit, I dropped my phone between the seat cushion and arm. When I stuck my hand down to get it I quickly realized....



We weren't officially a couple yet. I can't say this didn't severely delay my desire to date him. Especially considering the trashcan was located 2 feet away.

So that's my first impression of the La-Z-Boy....a trash hole for Trent.

By his junior year (my sophomore year), the chair had followed him to a new apartment. He sat in it every single day.

But he didn't just sit it in. It's like he lived in it.

After a while, I started to notice that the chair had a distinct musty odor.

Not just a little stench, I mean we would be out in public and I would say "Have you been sitting in your La-Z-Boy? ....Because you smell like it."

I usually coated it with a few layers of febreeze every time I visited.

But he LOVED that stupid La-Z-Boy recliner. And it followed him all the way through his senior year.

I won in the end though, because the La-Z-Boy did not follow him to KC. It stayed in Columbia. Where is belongs.

Trent has since then blamed me for getting rid of "the greatest chair of all time". And has literally BEGGED for a La-Z-Boy every day of our marriage.

To his disadvantage they are expensive. Also to his disadvantage, I think they are ugly.

About a month ago we were at Habitat for Humanity Restore here in Topeka. Guess what he found?

Yes, a La-Z-Boy.

He, of course, sits in it, pops up the recliner and raves about its comfort and how much he needs it.


I'm like "Oh my gosh. Pleeeeeease no."

Trent- "I LOVE IT!!!!!"

Me- "It's green and old."


The lady working overheard our conversation. At some point she decided that she hates me and offers Trent a 20% discount. Then tacks on free delivery.


Trent is in heaven right now. He had the grin of a child on Christmas morning. "IT'S TOO PERFECT TO TURN DOWN!!!!"


As much as I hate La-Z-Boys, I love my man more. If I'm being honest though, it wouldn't have even mattered if I agreed to it or not...he was BUYING that stinkin La-Z-Boy!

I gave it a good sniff. No musty smell. I guess it's approved.

This is where I find Trent every single day now. In his chair.

He's got a new saying. He sits down, flips up the recliner and says "PAPA'S HOME!"..... not amused.

Gracie loves it too.

It's disinfected, cleaned and sitting in our living room.

I have to admit, I am pretty impressed with how great of shape it's in. Also that it doesn't hold odors like his last one...

Trent's little slice of heaven.

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