Sunday, February 23, 2014

Trent's Office

I just want to warn you...all the pictures in this post suck. Sorry. I don't know how to use my camera.

We moved into our house last April. Since then, our guest room looked like this.

It stayed like that until about a month ago when we bought a mattress. No bed frame or box springs...just a mattress on the floor. Love you, guests.

I had plans to do some really amazing things in here. Then I resigned from my job. We are watching what we spend, so I said goodbye to our office reno budget.

I wanted to still give Trent a space to work -so I returned $30 worth of clothes at Target (crying) and also returned a $14 can of paint stripper at Home Depot that has been laying around our house ready to be taken back.

I used the cash to re-do this room. For -basically- $0.

I win.

First thing we did...paint a chalkboard wall. Shout out to my bestie, Jordan, for her mad paint skillz.

Trent's response: "This is awesome. I'm going to draw a table of freight classifications and the corresponding average densities!"

Me: "Oh...I thought it would be fun for doodling."

So Trent is going to be using the wall for ACTUAL work.


This metal file organizer was in Trent's old office. They were going to throw it away.

"Are you crazy!? GIVE ME THAT!"

We had a bar height table that we literally COULD NOT SELL on Topeka's craigslist. Trent took a saw to it and chopped the legs off and made it a desk. What a hunk.

And here is the shelving unit I mentioned in this post.

We have a shed that sits in the back of our lawn. I dug up this wire rack that was literally COVERED in dead spiders and cob webs. It looked like it hadn't been touched in 10 years.

I hosed it off, took off the back and painted the metal frame black.

Exposed shelving FO FREE!

...If my landlords are reading, I will return the shelf upon move out...awkward.

I downloaded this vintage camera photo for free HERE. It cost me like $3.50 at Office Depot to print in black and white. Just ask for an engineering print -it's low res and super cheap. I put it in a frame I had previously.

Basically everything on this shelf was thrifted or came straight from Trent's old office.

And there it is...Trent's new office. Plus a random mattress that sits on the floor. I took off the floral bedspread at least to make it more "man".

I am bad at sharing "progress" photos and am always tempted to just wait and do a big reveal. Not this time. This is progress! Progress that I am proud of because of how resourceful I had to be.

I am still working on some awesome wall art, so I will keep you posted!


  1. Going now to print off that camera photo! I LOVE IT! Your room looks amazing! Love the vintage look to it :) I am in the same process now with my guest room. I cant figure out a thing to do with it but I am thinking an accent wall may be the way to go!

    1. Yay do it!! Just a little sure to tape down the print inside the frame so it stays put. Since the paper is thin, it tends to wrinkle and shift a little without it being secured in place!

    2. Also thanks for the sweet comments! You are always so encouraging!

  2. Ha Ha! This is Sara (your landlord)! I do have a guilty habit of reading your blog. I love seeing what you have done with the house considering I didn't do anything but pull up the carpet in the living room in the three years we lived there. Having two babies in the time we were there really changed my plans for renovation! Plus I love being able to pull up pictures to brag about what awesome tenants we have and how the house looks much better with you two in it! Don't worry abou the shelving, it's yours! It actually isn't even ours, it was in the shed when we bought the house. So you are right, it probably hasn't been touched in 10 years! I love what you are doing, keep it up!

    1. HAHAHA! Hey Sara! :-) First of all, pulling up the carpet in the living room was the best thing you could have ever done. Mostly because removing carpet sounds miserable!! A few coats of paint isn't so bad compared to that...especially without me having any little ones to keep an eye on!

      Thanks for the shelf! Even though I sort of already claimed it...whoooooops! ;-)

      I was just thinking of you guys the other day. We should catch lunch/dinner sometime soon!


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