Monday, March 3, 2014

Eating Gluten Free

Trent and I have been eating gluten-free for about 2 months now.

I have been convinced for months that gluten was the culprit of Trent's stomach problems. We finally made the switch and he has been feeling MUCH better.

We aren't for sure if Trent actually has celiacs (gluten-intolerance) or just has some sort of sensitivity to it. Mostly because he is able to eat a little bit of gluten without feeling bad -for example, breading on chicken strips normally won't send him over the edge. Significantly reducing the amount of gluten intake, though, has made a big difference.

For those of you who don't know what gluten is, it's the elastic texture of dough in things like bread, pasta and baked goods. This means we haven't been eating anything with wheat.

And it's been hard. And expensive.

I made the plunge with him, to support his new lifestyle and make things easier when cooking (But you can bet I STUFF MY FACE with bread when I am out to eat and Trent is not around). Eating gluten-free takes a SIGNIFICANT amount of carbs out of our diet, so we have been dropping pounds and eating WAY more fruits and veggies as a result. I didn't realize how much processed food (which frequently contains wheat) we consumed until we couldn't eat it anymore.

For example, Twizzlers. WHY do Twizzlers have gluten!?!? Just annoying.

I have spent HOURS and HOURS over the past months researching recipes online, asking friends for  recipes (thanks Brittney and Laura!) and not to mention the HOURS I have spent in the grocery store reading ingredient labels. I have sat STARING at online recipes wondering "What the heck is Xanthan gum!?!?" I don't recognize these weird ingredients.

I've made some seriously disgusting gluten-free meals in the last 2 months leaving me to say "I think I would rather not eat, than eat this."

For the first month and a half we basically just ate things that were naturally gluten free because it was a lot less intimadating for me. For example:
-Tacos (with corn tortillas or chips)
-Baked potatoes/mashed potatoes/cheesy potatoes
-Steamed vegetables
-Rice casseroles
-Stir fry

I have recently gotten a little more adventurous and tried some gluten-free flour mixes and a few extremely overpriced baked goods mixes.

The more time I spend, the more educated I become and the less intimidating it seems.

Today I thought I would share with you Trent's FAVORITE gluten-free (GF) cookies. He literally asks me to make them every other day. Not a joke.

You won't believe what they are made of...

1 cup sugar
1 cup peanut butter
1 egg
1 teaspoon baking soda

325 degrees for 6-8 min.

They taste pretty normal for having no flour.


I have a Pinterest board called "Recipe Box" where I put recipes we have made and like enough to make again. They aren't all 100% GF (we sometimes use things like cream of chicken soup or something that don't seem to bother Trent's stomach), but I marked all of the gluten-free recipes with a "GF" in front of them. View the Recipe Box HERE.

I would love some links to some of your favorite GF recipes if you have any!


  1. Thank you for posting this. I've been considering going gluten-free (or at least gluten-reduced) for a while, but have been overwhelmed with where to start.

  2. This is great! I've been considering cutting out most gluten from my diet...I wouldn't say gluten-free because I also will probably gorge on bread at restaurants, but this made me feel better about the whole thing!

  3. I am gluten-free. It helps a lot. Here is a good website that collects a lot of different recipes that are gluten free (and in particular that are paleo--and whole 30 friendly). I have tried a nice handful of them over the month and haven't been let down:

    This woman's blog also has a lot of amazing recipes (and it's just fun to read...a little bit of snark never hurt anyone, yeah?):

    From the PaleOMG website, I made these cupcakes once to bring to a pot luck dinner. They all went very very fast. Even if you use a conventional frosting, the actual chocolate cupcakes are amazing (and I get my almond flour from DIllons in the health market section, the 'simple truth organic' store brand--since there is one in Manhattan there should be one in Topeka. It's the least expensive almond flour I have found, and it's qutie good):

    This website also has a lot of good recipes and is nicely written (paleo is gluten free, and there are a lot of paleo blogs out there, so...):

    AND, I just bought a great cookbook on amazon called AGAINST ALL GRAIN. Tons of amazing recipes and lots of great pictures.


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