Tuesday, March 11, 2014

I love plants


This is an entire blog post dedicated to all of the plants I've killed. Which is a lot. And all of the fake plants I've bought to replace them.

First, a tribute. 

Remember the cute plants that sat on my kitchen window sill that eventually moved to the tiny chair in the bathroom that Gracie kept trying to eat?

Dead within weeks.

Completely dead.

Or the hanging flower plants?
Both dead. Didn't even last through the Spring. 

I replaced several of the above with "tolerant" breeds.....Are flowers even categorized into breeds!? Is that just animals? Someone help me. Actually, it doesn't even matter because they are all dead. 

Surely. Surely I cannot kill a cactus.
Dead. Not pointing fingers or anything but TRENT may or may not have dumped A CUP OF WATER in there. Normally I get my fingers wet and flick it on them for moisture. His statement of defense: "They looked dry."


Well, the desert is dry. Here is an embarrassing photo for that.

Believe it or not you guys...I did not kill everything.


Ignore everything else in there. They are fake or dead.

And now that we are done making fun of myself, on to all of the fake plants to make up for my lack of green thumb. Or my husband's black thumb. 

Recognize this from my Instagram?

These are leftovers from my wedding back in fall 2012. We mixed fake succulents with real ones because they look so similar. But of course, I killed all of the real ones, so only the fake ones are left.

The dried yellow balls are called "billy buttons", which we also used in our wedding decor.

You can find faux succulents at any craft store these days.

When I look through Hobby Lobby or Michael's for faux flowers, I always have a hard time finding ones that look "real" enough. 

I generally pick ones that are "twiggy" because they look the most realistic. 

Maybe realistic isn't the right word, because the above look like straight plastic. Whatever, I just like them.

Here are some "dried twiggys"

 And some others, all in my favorite color...sage green.

I honestly didn't realize how many fake plants I had until I compiled this blog post.

Fake plants are sometimes even cheaper than real plants , soooo I just don't really get it.

BRING ON THE PLASTIC! Because everything else dies.

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  1. This is awesome! I have killed every plant I've ever owned as well, even a handful of cacti that every time I purchase, I insist "this time will be different." Not so. Best of luck with your fake ones! They look pretty darn real to me :)


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