Thursday, March 20, 2014

Thursday Things

In the past few weeks I have mostly been studying for my insurance exam. And drinking lots of coffee.

I created a 20 page study guide for myself. I also used up a whole notebook and ran the ink out of 2 pens.


I am so obsessed with writing tiny that I went out and bought four more 0.38 pens. Don't judge my life.

My job at State Farm started this week and I am really enjoying it! So much to learn still, but getting there.


Tonight I went to a young professionals group in Topeka that my boss suggested I attend. I didn't know a single person there. The first person to introduce themselves ran up to me and said


I made him feel EXTREMELY uncomfortable when I didn't understand his reference (to THIS commercial). Story of my life....missing jokes.

In December I mulled over a super comfy pair of Cole Haans for $60 at TJ Maxx. Gracie ate my black heels, so I thought these would be a fun replacement. But who am I kidding. I would never spend that much.

I walked into TJ Maxx last week to see a cart full of ultra discounted items.

There they sat. In my size. For $3!!!!

Jump for joy.


This week I got the most exciting piece of mail I have ever received...

YES I WILL, ALLIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cutest "be my bridesmaid" idea ever! Wedding is in DC in September and I am absolutely stoked!!

I also got to hang with my Jordan this week.

We eat a lot of ice cream.

....Like a LOT of ice cream. It's fiiiiiiine. Bye.

And of course, no week is complete without Gracie annoying this living CRUD out of me. Except in this case, I decided to annoy the CRUD out of her with selfies in Photo Booth. She hated it.

Trent and I have adapted the term "Child Proofing", which consists of hair pulling, pinching, loud noises and general rough housing to prevent Gracie from being aggressive when annoyed. Ya know, just incase we have any kids down the road.

Really, I think it's just an outlet to annoy her as much as she annoys us.

I maxed out my web design talents in making this blog last year. I don't think I've changed a single thing about it in 14 months. BUT, on Sunday this blog will be getting a facelift!!!

My friend Kristin has been working so hard to create an AWESOME custom design. Below is the mood board she created, which creeped me out with it's accuracy to my "taste". She is good. Really good.

The new blog design will be cleaner and easier to navigate.

I asked Trent if I should make my URL "". He said it was too gangster. FUN HATER.

The blog will be called "Katie in Kansas" and "" will forward you to the new URL (coming soon). Getting all fancy over here!

That's all for now.

Gracie says bye. Also she wanted me to tell you that she is abused.

(said the dog with the side table bed)


  1. You must not have Hulu. Or watch copious amounts of it like I have this week. Otherwise you would see that state farm commercial twice in every.single. commercial break.

    1. Haha!! Believe it or not, I have seen that commercial at LEAST 50 times. He just caught me off guard...I'm generally not asked "what I'm wearing" ;-)

      Ps I love Hulu! What are your shows you watch???

  2. Ummmmm I vote for Fantastic!


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