Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Keaster!

I had a trampoline as a child that sat behind some bushes in our backyard. My siblings and I used to "moon" cars passing by and yell "HAPPY KEASTER!" after dark.

I don't know how any Easter could match that kind of enthusiasm.

But we did get to hunt for eggs. Because we are children.

Children who run and hunt for cash. Nothing like celebrating our Savior's resurrection with some dolla' bills.

That was sort of insensitive.

We enjoyed the Easter service although I had a difficult time paying attention because there was a cute baby in a dress 5 rows up and to the left.

I am the ADD person who gets distracted by your baby.

Also someone who itches their head, or opens noisy candy, or plays flappy birds within visible distance. I should really start sitting in the front row.

We split time between both families, although neither of my sisters were in town :-( It's ok...I got in some bro time.

We stayed overnight on Saturday and into Sunday.

The only person who hates the drive from Topeka to Kansas City (and back) more than I do is Gracie...

She just shakes and dandruffs all over. It's a glamorous life.

Prior to this weekend, I spent a lot of time in bed. Sick.

Having a fever as an adult is very different than having a fever as a child.

As a child, it means popsicles.
As an adult, it means lots of uncomfortable sweating, burrowing in blankets them ripping them off in a fit of sweaty rage. It also means begging Trent for Sonic Strawberry Cream slushes for the sake of hydration.

Long story short, my immune system is terrible.

I can't believe the hundreds of cuties I've eaten in the past few months haven't helped.

That is an exaggeration, but I just cannot eat enough of these lately. I will literally eat 10 in one sitting.

Since they haven't helped my health, I've concluded that cuties do not have Vitamin C. I think they are made of candy.

I hope you all had a Happy Keaster!

Last year I wrote a much more meaningful post about the Gospel in simple terms that you can read HERE if you are interested.

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