Thursday, April 17, 2014

Our Engagement Story

Almost exactly two years ago today I was in my car, driving to meet my sisters for a Thursday night dinner at a local bar and grill.

On my drive I went through a mental checklist of everything I needed to pack for our trip to visit college friends that coming weekend. I thought about how much I wished I would have made a "schedule" to make sure I saw all my college friends I missed so dearly, instead of my usual "fly by the seat of my pants" routine. I thought about how much I hated humidity and what it did to my hair, as I tucked my curls into a tight bun. I probably complained about the Liberty traffic after 5pm and I was probably googling "Conrad's Restaurant and Alehouse" because I had never been there.

It was very much an ordinary day.

And I had NO IDEA Trent would propose.

That man made me think he was DIRT POOR and would not have the money to buy a ring for YEARS.

That little sneak. He knew if I had a good hint, I would start watching and searching for it to happen. But this man -
The man who told my sister he liked me the day we first met.
The man who drove me 2 hours home because "he was going home too." (Ya right.)
The man I told I wasn't ready to date and he said "let me know when." (And waited...for months.)
The man who wrote my psychology papers when I procrastinated too long ;-)
The man who waited OVER TWO YEARS to tell me he loved me (almost torture).
The man who encouraged my faith and watched me grow.
The man who so delicately pursued me, never making promises he couldn't keep or rushing me or our relationship before we were ready.

He is patient. And brave. And SNEAKY!

I met my sisters in the lobby of the restaurant and we made our way inside. It was full and loud. The walls were covered in TV's. I sat facing a projector screen as big as a movie theater.

My sister, Ruth, was taking an unusual amount of time to decide what to order. I found it odd, but then's Ruth ;-) We placed our orders and gabbed like normal. Nothing even the least bit unusual. Our conversations fell into the restaurant chatter.

And then, I heard birds chirp.

And it was as if the restaurant fell silent.

I turned to the projector screen and Trent's face filled the wall...

I stared blankly for a moment. And then I knew. Butterflies dancing in my stomach, warmth in my cheeks as I spun my eyes around the room to find him.

And I watched, heart racing in excitement and joy, catching myself asking "Is this real!?" "When did he make this!?" "Is this what I think it is!?"

He walked into the restaurant as the video played that last poster "Will you marry me?"

It was like slow motion. The restaurant cheered. Looking at me, looking at him as he marched straight over to me, confident and hott as ever, and kneeled down on one knee.

"Katie, I love you so much. Will you marry me?"

I know he said more than that, but I was too in shock to hear. I didn't cry, I just smiled and laughed and squealed and gave the biggest "YES!" I have ever given. Hands over my mouth in disbelief.

He flipped open a box with a tiny light inside that made that ring sparkle! I loved it loved it loved it and he had picked it out completely on his own.

Our family and friends popped out of the woodwork, who were there to witness the whole event.

We ate dinner together, took photos, and called friends and family to share our excitement. It was one of the most joyous nights of my life. One I will never forget.

Trent kissed me goodbye that night. I remember thinking "I can't wait to not say goodbye."

My joke maker. My life partner. My best friend. My constant supporter. I am so happy to have the opportunity to love you for a lifetime.

Thank you for choosing me two years ago :-)


  1. Holy moley! Your hubby is insanely romantic! That video totally made me tear up. Marriage is so precious and so much hard work. But it looks like you both know how to keep the fun and love alive! Happy engagement anniversary!

  2. this video is adorable!! congrats on a happy marriage and your engagement anniversary!

  3. Greg waited for FOREVER (it felt like) to say, "I love you," but when he said it, I knew he was SERIOUS. We started talking engagement rings the next day, haha.

  4. Trent surely knows how to spring a surprise! He must have spent a lot of time organizing this. That being said, it must be a very happy moment for both of you. You know that when someone like Trent speaks up, it's true; and you wouldn't think of saying "no"! I'm glad everything went well with the proposal. I wonder how he's gonna top that at your wedding. Congratulations!

    Blanche Holland @ Distinctive Diamonds, Inc.


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