Tuesday, May 27, 2014

I passedddddddd


I PASSED MY EXAM! A full 2.5 hour test. I am now a licensed Life, Accident & Health Insurance Agent in the state of Kansas! And also a Property & Casualty Insurance Agent, which I passed last month and probably will never use again...

It's fine.

This week all I really did was study. Thankful for no more late night cups 'o coffee in my near future.

Gracie was a really cute study buddy.

She has been really well behaved lately...so I automatically assume she is sick and dying. "WHY IS SHE SO CALM!?!?"

Not to mention, she couldn't even finish our walk the other day. Trent literally had to carry her because she refused to get up. Embarrassing.

CONCLUSION: She is lazy.

My friend Tammy has entered into a contest to win a trip to Rwanda with Noonday Collection through a mission called #styleforjustice (I don't know why I hashtagged, but it seemed necessary).

She has a beautiful heart for the Lord and is exceptionally beautiful on the outside too ;-) She would be an absolute perfect fit for this trip! VOTE FOR HER HERE! (you don't have to do sign up or anything annoying, just hit "VOTE"!)

Now on to the "Ask Me Anything" responses...which was sort of a flop this time around. 

I only received 13 responses, and 4 of them were "Were you a virgin when you got married?" ...I won't try and analyze why in the world that was such a popular question, but the answer is yes.

Let's move on...

"Do you have any tips for job hunting?"
-Yes! Stop trying to hide yourself online and instead, make yourself available to employers.

Market yourself! BUILD A WEBSITE. You don't have to be a web designer to have one. Use your computer knowledge! It's actually very simple and older generations (sorry..) find it really impressive.

I made mine at weebly.com for free and paid $40 for them to take the "weebly" out of the web address to simply www.hirekatieraines.com. It can be a POWERFUL networking tool because it's so easy to pass on via word of mouth, and you don't have to awkwardly email everyone your resume...especially if you don't know if you will be a good fit. It's a way to express your personality and expand off the pages of a resume to a more personable "you".

"What's it like being able to wake up to the epitome-of man that is your husband, ev. ry. day. ? Sincerely, Jealous"
-HAHA. My first response was "Trent, I know you wrote this!" And it wasn't him...so to you, GEORGE, who asked...it's like Christmas. ev. ry. day.

"What is it like to falsely accuse your husband of asking genuine questions that he clearly did not write?"
-Stop it.

"How do you become content without becoming complacent?"
-I am an overly active person, so Trent helped me with this one... The answer lies in where you find your security. Contentment will never be found in what someone thinks of me or what I own or the job I have. Who I am and why I'm valuable isn't founded by what I do, but instead, what Jesus has done for me.

"What is your favorite element on the periodic table and why?"
-There's several. Nitrogren, Hydrogen, Carbon dioxide, Oxygen and Methane.....the chemical combustion of a fart.

"Have you ever unknowingly (or knowingly) hurt somebody's feelings? If so, what would you say to them now?"
-Oh yes. I only feel that this question would be asked if I actually HAD hurt your feelings. Or maybe that you had hurt someone elses'. Apologies can go a long way, but actions go farther. I hope I would apologize, ask for forgiveness and do my best to not do it again.

"What products do you use to fight frizz?"
-First of all, I like the fact that you used the word "fight"...because it is just that. A literal fight.

I am 99.9% sure you are asking me this because you saw this instagram photo from a few days ago...where I complained about straight haired girls complaining about having straight hair.


Favorite product to scrunch my hair: Tresemme climate control mousse
Favorite product when straightening, curling, blowdrying: Morrocan Oil (and a little bit of hairspray)

But the real answer here is heat. Blow drying does the opposite of what my hair does naturally. The frizzies calm down in about 10 minutes, then I use a curling iron or straightener...the real heat! Here is a selfie I sent to Trent an hour later. It's hard to believe this mane can be tamed...but it can. With oils. And heat. And patience.

"Do you think you will always live in the state you live? You seem like a California girl to me! But, I could be biased since I'm a CA native."
-Lucky! California is like a fantasy land. I just don't understand how people live in perfect weather all the time. I can't say we will stay in Kansas forever, but we are very happy and content here in the good 'ol midwest!

"My husband and I are recently married, and we're struggling with one thing. We both work in fields that require a smartphone with email to be at reach at all times, but I'm constantly getting frustrated when my husband has his eyes on his screen when we're together...even when he's not working. He plays games constantly on his iPhone, which leads me to hop on Instagram or Snapchat a picture of a lamp. How do I encourage my husband to put down the phone without being, you know, "that wife"?
-First of all, I appreciate the fact that you are snap chatting a lamp.

Second- you are not alone! Trent and I have the "eyes glued to phone" problem too. Something I have recently become passionate about, and I would encourage you to try, is understanding that whoever is on the other end of your phone is NOT the priority. Our culture has created a social norm of being available, and I think it takes people like you and your husband to say nope, NOT available right now. Maybe that is during dinner every night or maybe there are actual times you create a "no phone" night, like we do. It's obnoxious to have to physically separate yourself from your phone, but if you are anything like me, you check it completely unconsciously.

I guarantee if you talk with your husband about the amount of time he spends on his phone, he would agree - it's too much.


Goodnight from the girl with the big bun and the dog who got excited and peed on my dress pants...

I wish that was a joke.


  1. Congrats on passing your test! I actually just completed mine back in March (not the casualty part). What will you be doing with that? I work for a Financial Advisor, but I wasn't sure if you'd do sort of what I do or you'll be selling insurance yourself! I stressed over that test so hard - I was a nut case the day before going into it haha. It turned out to not be as miserable as I expected, but I was one of the last people in there because I triple checked everything!

  2. Congrats Katie! Now that you are done studying I hope that means that we can see you (and epitome-of man that is your husband) soon!


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