Wednesday, May 7, 2014

If you were to come over to my house today

I've seen several bloggers do this whole "if I invited you to coffee" thing...but I never invite people over for coffee. That would be sort of weird. Here is my little spin on it.

If you were to come over to my house today...

Gracie would immediately be barking at the door, begging for me to open it so she can say hi....aka barking, jumping and scratching the crud out of your legs. I would beg you to not act too excited to see her (high pitched squeals etc), or she will tinkle with excitement :-/

I would invite you in.
Probably give you a hug and say thanks for coming.
Probably apologize for my dog's behavior.
Probably ask how you've been.
....You probably didn't hear anything I said because Gracie is still barking.

I would ask if you would like something to drink -which is pretty much always the same: bottled water or Dr. Pepper. Don't tell Trent I offered you Dr. Pepper.

99% chance I would apologize for the dirty dishes on the counter. It's literally never clean.

We would sit on the grey couch. I would awkwardly move 3 pillows in order for you to do so...because Gracie knocks them all over the place.

I would tell you I got a job offer from Capital Financial Group (CFG) a few weeks ago and took it! When the opportunity came up, it was too good to turn down.

I would probably give you a few details about my job there as a Marketing Coordinator...which I really enjoy a lot!!

I would ask about your life. Where are you working? Are you home with kids? Are you in school?

At some point we would be interrupted by Gracie Belle and her squeaky chicken..except it doesn't squeak anymore. I pulled the squeaker out myself with plyers after I literally almost murdered her for squeaking continuously for days.

She would bug you nonstop until you throw it.

Then she would run and get it and make the dining room rug look like this.

I never fix it. If I do, it lasts 20 minutes before she slides into it again. So it just stays bunched up permanently.

Before too long Trent would probably come home from a bike ride or golfing or possibly from getting a snow cone at his favorite snow cone place in the world (Summertime = 5 snow cones a week...I am not exaggerating.)

Lately he's been doing a lot of golfing. Topeka has this "family membership" thing called "Greatlife" where you can work out, golf, and swim for $30 a month. It's insanely cheap. So Trent golfs alllll the time.

So Trent would probably come interrupt our conversation and make some jokes. Like always.

I would laugh. Like always.

You probably would too.

And we would talk more. I would probably ask your opinion on what to make for dinner...because I have been bad about cooking lately and have been eating out too much.

Speaking of eating terrible, I would ask you if you would like to go on a walk with Gracie. As soon as I say "walk" she would freak out and run in circles. I would ask Trent to go and he would say "only if I can ride my bike." Because he hates walking. So then he would ride around doing embarrassing things like this while we stick to the sidewalk.

Trent would probably show you his new electronic shifters, and you would probably have no idea what he is talking about. Because who even understands the benefit of electronic shifters besides adamant cyclists?

Anyways, we would probably walk past the house with the white picket fence -Gracie's favorite house- because she gets to run along the fence and bark at the 4 small dogs that live there. Little taunter.

By the time we get home, you have 3 mosquito bites and I have 5 million. Doesn't matter if it's 2 in the afternoon or 10 at night. The mature trees and bushes throughout the neighborhood are home to those stupid blood suckers and make me want to punch myself in the face.

I start itching as I ask more about your life. Your plans for this summer and such. You talk, I listen. Then I talk.

I tell you my little brother Caleb is graduating high school next week and attending the greatest school to ever exist...University of Missouri. Duh.

I tell you about my uncle's bowling tournament, Strike out poverty and Spare homes, which I will be running a scoreboard for on June 13th. I tell you if you join and raise money, I will sneak you in extra points.

Just kidding about the extra points. But NOT kidding about the fact that you should join and support your local community.

Seriously. Join. I would LOVE to see you there.

Then I tell you about YoungLife camp in July. How I've been a leader for sophomore girls at Topeka High since August. How I'm excited to experience YoungLife camp for the first time.

YL Dodgeball Tournament

I ask you how you are doing. How you are REALLY doing. It's like I'm staring deep into your soul.

Just kidding, that's creepy.

But how you are REALLY doing is important to me.

I probably share first. I say my life has been so blessed. With a new job and so many people I love here in Topeka. And of course, Trent. He is literally the best part of my life.

I tell you I am struggling to find time for "everything". How I'm struggling to fit in hobbies, chores and time with people I love. I'm good at making myself "too busy".

I tell you how I've been learning, but slowly...I haven't made enough time for God to teach me lately. Learning often requires me to stop. To listen. To breathe for a while and recognize how involved He is in my life. It's crazy how quickly I forget.

I tell you I am determined to find a better balance.

You tell me that you have to go. That I've been talking your ear off and you are bored.

Just kidding.

I hope.

Gracie begs you to stay.

You hope you never have to see her again.

I tell you I love you and I will see you again soon.

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