Thursday, June 12, 2014

I'm not who you think I am

Sometimes it's hard to portray yourself accurately online.

Not just because of what you post, but because of what people WANT to believe about you.

I thought I would share some things about myself that you probably don't know.

1.  I used to be fat
From about age 9-13 I was especially porky. My crush in the 4th grade called me Pillsbury dough girl on Valentine's Day and I went to the bathroom and cried. Other than that, I don't ever recall being all that insecure, but I never thought in a million years I would be thin. Then I grew literally 11 inches in 7th grade.

2. I love frogs
I was not only fat, but I was a huge tomboy. A fat tomboy. My parents gave me a butterfly net for my birthday and I turned it into a frog hunting tool. I would have strategies and know the frogs' hiding spots in the creeks across the street from our house.
Now that I'm older, I wouldn't really consider myself an "outdoorsy" person -I hate bugs and tall grass and sticky weather- but I still love frogs.

3. I am fairly reserved
When I blog I don't feel the weight of the audience. It makes it easy to tell you straight up what I like and don't like, what I believe or how I feel. I am definitely an extrovert, but blogging brings out a boldness in me that isn't quite as upfront in person.

4. I eat disgusting amounts of popcorn
I literally eat an entire bag in 1 sitting. And I just got an air popper, which has taken my popcorn eating habits to a new extreme.

air crazy

5. Don't touch me when I'm sleeping
I always envisioned waking up in the mornings, all snuggled next to my husband.....Ya, no. Don't touch me when I'm sleeping. It's sweaty and miserable. Luckily, Trent feels the same. Snuggling before and after is great. Just not for 8 freaking hours straight.

6. I was an athlete
People that didn't know me in high school or parts of college are always surprised by that. I guess my girly interests trick you! In high school I played soccer, swimming and volleyball.

7. I hated planning my wedding
I thought it would be fairy-tale-ish but it was like ...not. I did not like making big decisions for such a monumental day. It also made me realize how naturally unorganized I am. Good news is, it made marriage seem like a dream.

engagement photos

engagement photos

8. I am the WORST at texting
I never text back on time. Like, ever. It makes me seem rude and inconsiderate, but I genuinely don't mean it that way. It somehow ties into my ADD to read it and then completely forget about it. I even made it my new years resolution to be better about responding in a timely manner, but then I was like wait...why? It falls right into my newest thoughts about cell phones...we have made ourselves 100% available ALL THE TIME. That is such an obligation that I do not want to live with for the rest of my life. I am not available 24 hours a day, and I shouldn't expect you to be either.

9. I have a skin condition called Keratosis Pilaris
They say that 40-50% of the adult population has this, but mine is probably worse than most. It basically looks like permanent red goosebumps. I get it on the backs of my calves, arms and face.
I used to be embarrassed of it as a kid, but I've learned a few tricks to improve its appearance over the years. And I guess it helps I'm not a dweeby insecure middle schooler anymore either. Lots of exfoliation and deep moisturizers help. And of course, makeup on my face helps its appearance significantly.

keratosis pilaris on face

10. I was in the band
I was an athlete in high school, but I was also in the marching band. I played the clarinet.

Sorry fellas, I'm married.

clarinet player

Maybe you learned something new about me today. Tell me something new about YOU!


  1. Hi Katie! You don't know me but this is so bizarre. I searched for something on Google once and found a recipe on your page. Used it..end of story. NOT. Then one day I was on Facebook and a friend shared one of your blog posts. I clicked to read and I thought, "Wow! This page looks familiar..." and it was, low and behold, your page again! So, then I realized you were from my home town. How much more weird can this get?!? Well we have a few friends in common and we may or may not have gone to the same church. I'm not sure. Anyway --now I'm in KC area (Blue Springs) and you're in Topeka. Your posts are SO entertaining to read ...likely because it seems as if I'm reading my own thoughts written down. We should try to get together some time. :) My major is also Communications.

    1. Haha! Ciara, that's too funny!! I'm curious to know who our mutual friends are! You should email me- I would love to meet up!


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