Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Man Wrapping

Tomorrow is Trent's birthday day!! The big 2-6.

I got a little creative with the gift wrapping. I call it "rustic woody twine chalkboard" orrr "man wrapping". Maybe it's even a little Father's Day gift wrapping idea for you.

wrapping ideas

Trent is literally the most fun person to shop for. He just loves presents.

When I brought them downstairs, he said "CAN I SHAKE THEM!?!"

"I don't know. Why don't you check the tag!?!?"

wrapping paper ideas

Pretty proud of myself for predicting that question and having an immediate answer. It's the little things.

Of course, I added this one....because he can't resist to shake every present ever.

gift wrapping

And he shook that thing. A lot.

And attempted a few others... "Don't shake that one!!!"

creative gift wrapping

creative gift wrap for men

The little chalkboard clips are from Michael's and were left over from a women's event I decorated for last week.

gift bag tags

Except I didn't write "You are hott" on the women's event chalkboards. Weird.

gift wrap ideas

gift wrapping for men

Happy 26th birthday to the man who brings life and laughter and love to my life! I love you, Trent!

fathers day gift wrapping

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