Thursday, June 19, 2014

My Skin Care Routine

I have done a lot of flip-flopping around within the last 10 years with skin care products.

Back in high school I had acne, so I used products with plenty of salicylic acids to dry out the problem areas.

Within the past few years (now that I'm in my twenties), I realized I didn't need to be using such harsh products on my face. I lost most my acne and now want to focus on preserving my skin for as long as possible. Here are some products I'm using to do that.

Aveeno ultra-calming foaming cleanser
I have used this every single night for literally 3 years straight. It is excellent for getting all my makeup off (including dark eyeliners/mascaras) without irritating my eyes or being too harsh on my skin. I love that it's a foam because it lasts FOREVER and is easy to rinse off your face.
best face wash

Neutrogena oil-free moisture, combination skin
This combination product has been great because I tend to have oily spots on my forehead or nose, and dryer spots around the corners of my eyes or cheeks. It is such a light product that you forget you put it on -until you feel your baby soft skin :-) This is a product I have used daily for at least 5 or 6 years and trust from season to season.
best facial moisturizer

Aveeno ultra-calming daily moisturizer
I have had a hard time with a few dry spots lately, so I've recently switched out the Neutrogena moisturizer for this Aveeno one on occasion. It looks so thick and is white opaque (like sunscreen almost), so I was impressed after rubbing it in that it didn't leave my skin with any excessive oiliness at all. In fact, it left my face SO perfectly smooth. I haven't used it for an extended period of time, but I can already tell this is going to be a favorite.
best facial moisturizer

I thought I would mention that Target has Aveeno products buy one get one 50% off this week. After loving my second or third Aveeno product, I am tempted to start using them for everything, although their prices can be a little higher than other drug store products.

best facial care products

So, my daily skin care looks like this:
AM: Rinse my face with cool water and pat dry with a towel -I only use more moisturizer if I'm really dry.
PM: Wash face with Aveeno cleanser. Follow with either Aveeno or Neutrogena moisturizer. I am RELIGIOUS about doing this EVERY night.

I exfoliate about once a week using a range of different products. Sometimes it's a CVS brand apricot scrub and other times I use samples from Birchbox or other free-bees. I chose not to include a specific product in this post because, well, I'm just not that loyal to any particular one!

Plus, have you heard about the new ban of micro bead products in Illinois? I am willing to bet there will be a LOT of new development in facial exfoliation within the next few years!

I hope this was helpful to you! Let me know if you have any questions, and I would love to hear about your favorite facial scrubs!


  1. I have been an avid Aveeno Ultra Calming Cleanser and Moisturizer user since I was pregnant with my daughter last year. I used to use Cetaphil but I love this Aveeno line. -Megan from Missouri

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