Tuesday, July 29, 2014

I'm Backkkkkk ... Younglife Camp 2014

This past week, Trent and I went to Younglife Camp for the first time. We have been leaders for a high school in Topeka for about a year now, and finally had the opportunity to go to Crooked Creek in Frazier Colorado.

It was SOO beautiful.

It is nothing like "church camp". It's a whole lot wilder. And messier. And just all around louder. HA!

So thankful for God's presence throughout our time there. I loved the girls in my cabin so much! SHOUTOUT! ;-) They taught me all types of new lingo. It made me feel super old.

Our week in photos...photos which I stole from other people because I only took like two the whole trip.

What a week!

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