Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Look what I found

I've randomly found a bunch of deals in the past week or two so I thought I would share them with you...so you can go bargain hunting too!

First up...

.97 cents at Old Navy. I win at life.

I didn't see too many others for less than a dollar, but you could probably find pants of all kinds for under $5 right now. Old Navy, just giving their stuff away for nothing. I see you, Old Navy.

camo pants

Look how lovely they are to lounge in.

If you are wondering why I'm reading a book about money...it was homework from work. "LEAP". I should have been drinking scotch and smoking a large cigar. So sophisticated.
camo pants

Bath & Body Works Semi-Annual Sale
Bath and Body Works Semi-Annual Sale
Bath & Body Works is having their semi-annual sale and stuff is 75% off. I got this "Beach Day" wallflower refill for $2.50 -I think they are normally $6.50. I plugged it into the wall and Trent thought a heavily cologned man broke into the house.

The Oahu coconut sunset lotion was $5. Don't ask me how to pronounce "Oahu". My friend Jordan was wearing it one day and I loved it so much that she gave it to me. And then I bought another one. I like to wear it to work and pretend I'm at a tropical beach, sun tanning.

Beauty Brands Liter Sale
Beauty Brands Liter Sale
I talked about the Beauty Brands Liter Sale last year...and here I am again. Look how loyal I am to the Redkin color extend line! I'm debating going back for another 2 bottles.

Don't worry...they aren't running out anytime soon.
beauty brands liter sale

memory foam mattress topper
I stalk Target's clearance like it's my job.

Actually, it was sort of my job at one point. I worked at Target for 3 years in high school/college and figured out their markdown schedule. Generally, products go from 30% off to 50% off to 70% off. It's like gambling...I find something I like at 50% off and bargain with myself to buy it now or risk loosing it by waiting for it to go 70% off. Don't follow my example.

A bunch of these memory foam mattress toppers were 70% off last week at the Target in Topeka. We got a king sized three inch mattress topper for $56 (normally $189). THREE. INCHES. of happiness. Stalk your local target. There might be some left.

Our room has terrible lighting. Bet you can't find Gracie... 

That's all the deals. Don't share your deals with me or I might buy stuff.


  1. Awesome finds Katie! I love reading your blog :)

  2. So I shouldn't tell you about the $5 PINK sweaters I bought at Victoria's Secret's semi-annual sale in Miami?


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