Sunday, August 17, 2014

12 Facts about Trent's Anesthesia Video

I haven't felt like writing lately, but I'm writing today anyways. Mostly so people stop asking if Trent is dying.

I shared this video on my Facebook this week of Trent going under anesthesia:


1) I edited out a full 10 minutes of Trent himself.

2) He went under anesthesia to get a biopsy done on his stomach. We mostly had it done to check for celiacs, which runs in his family. I talked about eating gluten free in this post.

3) Trent has probably only drank 10 Mang-O-Ritas in his entire life. I have no idea why he obsessed over them.

4) The recovery area we were in was a large room divided by curtains. EVERYONE heard EVERYTHING he said.

5) He yelled for his doctor on multiple occasions simply to tell him he was "THE BEST DOCTOR IN THE ENTIRE WORLD!"

6) He doesn't remember saying anything in the video at all. He has hazy memories of the car ride.

7) At one point, a nurse popped her head in and said "sounds like you drank more like 12 Mang-O-Ritas!!"

8) Trent's heart rate actually was 48. Doctor's are frequently shocked at his "good health". Ironic...considering he eats like a child (Proof: this blog post)

9) The nurse ripped off the tape from Trent's IV. He acted like she chopped off his leg then asked if she had ever considered starting her own hair removal business.

10) Several things were removed from the video including peoples' names, references to skin color, dozens of Mang-O-Rita comments and me pleading with him to turn down the volume of his voice.

11) The first thing he said when he woke up was "Where's Katie?" :-)

12) The nurse asked Trent to eat light for breakfast. He then asked if we could go to Burger King and get a triple 9am.

Trent really loved his anesthesia.


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  2. My husband would KILL ME if I posted a video like this. KILL ME DEAD!. Of course, I would die laughing. Priceless!


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