Wednesday, August 6, 2014

A Bat, Banana Bread and Banana Republic

I haven't been blogging a whole lot lately.

When given the opportunity to blog, do laundry, or do something about the over-ripe bananas sitting in my kitchen, then I'm going to choose to make banana bread. Because my writers block has been on its A game. And laundry is the worst.

Actually the real reason I didn't choose laundry today (though it's desperately needed) is because THERE IS A BAT IN MY BASEMENT. 

Yes there is.

If you recall the last time a bat was in our house, it was a horrific, traumatizing, comical event.  

This time I'm just leaving that little bat twerp down there for a while. Told Trent it's like having a mini, flying bug-eating vacuum. That I also happen to be really terrified of. Looks like we're going to the laundromat again.

Other crappy things this week: We lost the remote to the apple TV. It's a crisis. I'm giving Trent candy to keep his mind off of it. 
Unfortunately Trent and I have argued more in the past week than we have in the past 5 months. Candy can't solve that. Our rough week makes for a compelling blog post that I will probably not write about. This is me openly sharing with you that our marriage is not perfect. Good news is we are doing well. Choosing forgiveness is hard but always, always worth it.

Other sad things...our roomie Chantal moved out this week. We met Chantal through YoungLife and she has been living with us since March. If you remember Trent's Industrial office, I flipped it in just a few days before Chantal's arrival. 

The bedspread is what I used in college (thank you Lillian!!) It's so happy and girly :-)

We will miss you Chantal!

Trent and I visited KC last weekend. We celebrated 2 birthdays and a housewarming party. 

My sister made me this delicious dessert, which you may have seen on my instagram. She's a cooking master but she doesn't know it.

We also got to shop some clearance sales at Banana Republic. Don't worry, it was not like the last time we shopped there. Except that's all I could think of when I got that little Banana Republic bag.

I've had such a great week only working half days! Thankful for a boss who believes in rest! 

I got to relax at the pool with my friend Lauren, who was doing some house sitting. So beautiful! 

Thankful for friendships, sunshine and rest this week. Not thankful for the bat. Sorry.

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