Thursday, August 28, 2014

I love this jewelry


I've been wanting to write this post for a solid 2...maybe 3 weeks. I was convinced that I would learn how to use photoshop in its entirety before posting, but then I realized that THESE PEOPLE DO NOT NEED TO BE PHOTOSHOPPED. I also remembered how terrible I am at touching up photos.

But look at my friends! They are gorgeous!

Yes, you guys, I have friends. Stop acting surprised.

Sooo not going to lie...I'm not normally a "trunk show" person. Generally things are pretty overpriced and I feel pressure to buy things. And I'm the cheapest person alive.

So I was invited to one of Brittney's NOONDAY parties (Brittney is in the white). Of course I went because:
2) She puts up adorable pictures of her jewelry on instagram
3) There were delicious snacks there made by Tammy (in the pink shirt). I ate a baby sized amount of her homemade kettle corn while I was there. And when I say "baby sized", I mean that I ate a portion of kettle corn that was the literal size of a baby.

 necklace  |  bracelet  |  earrings

This party was not like the others I have been to. Nothing at all like them.

Except maybe that there were delicious snacks there. That's sort of a given. Although Tammy's kettle corn took me by surprise in a terrible, but also amazing way.


Listening to Brittney talk about the opportunities Noonday provides for the vulnerable has given me a heart for the company too.

Vulnerable. Meaning women pulled out of sex trafficking. Ethiopians who carry HIV. Untouchables in India.

Noonday gives a voice to them. They provide dignified jobs to the marginalized. They change lives.

(on my gorgeous friend Heidi)

I appreciate that the jewelry is for a good cause but is also really fashionable. Sometimes companies lack the latter.

necklace  |  earrings 

(on my stunning friend Tammy)

 bracelet  |  earrings 

(on my beautiful friend Brittney)

I asked Brittney if I could write this post because I feel you should know about it.

Noonday is a fair trade company. It's perfect for the person who is hard to shop for. A gift always means so much more when it has meaning behind it. That's sort of how I validate the price tag too :-)

Everything comes in a cute little bag, so no matter what you spend, it's good to gift!

(on my "why aren't you a model?" friend Lauren)

And of course, it's also fun to buy for yourself! I've already bought this mint necklace :-)

And I wore it to work this week!

If you choose to buy something, there's an area to select an ambassador.

Pick Brittney Vogel or I will hunt you down. JK.

Noonday is a huge supporter of adoption. When you select Brittney, you contribute to her adoption funding!

Brittney just happens to be doing a giveaway this week.

For every $25 you spend, your name is entered to win a $50 gift voucher! And if you book a trunk show in September or October, your name will be entered twice!

Giveaway is closed this Saturday at noon!

Happy gift giving! Slash buying for yourself. Slash BRB going to go buy everything. Slash I'm not kidding. Slash I am kidding. Slash Trent threatened me. Slash everything's going on the birthday list.

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