Sunday, September 14, 2014

DIY to DIY Halloween Costumes

It is finally FALL!

I know it's fall because the temperature is below 70 degrees in Kansas. Also because I waited 20 MINUTES in the drive-thru last night to get a warm drink from Starbucks. All you Pumpkin Spice fanatics need to CHILL!!

So last September around this time I wrote DIY Couples Halloween Costumes. I threw the post together in literally 15 minutes over my lunch break.

They started getting some re-pins on Pinterest and popping up in "creative costume" lists:

At one point we made it to MSN Living.

And today...BuzzFeed.

LIKE WHAT!? We made pretty much every one of these costumes last minute, and have just been shocked to find them posted in some of these places.

At one point, I was browsing Halloween costumes looking for ideas when I actually saw myself on one of these lists.

Me: "WHAT THE!? No one even told me we were on this! Wait, WHY are we even on this!?"
Trent: "The real question is why are we not getting paid for this?"

Turns out there are ZERO payments. I'm talking ZERO. This must be how those people in "memes" feel. At least we aren't getting laughed at....actually we are definitely getting laughed at. Oh well.

And most of the time, you don't even know if you are posted somewhere until an old friend from Elementary school randomly finds it and asks if you've seen it.

"Oh. Whoa. Nope, I haven't. Thanks for telling me?"

I guess if I'm going to be seen by a bunch of randos, I want to know about it.

Regardless of all this, whatever we are doing seems to be working. So here's a DIY to DIY Halloween costumes.


1) Think of something that you love.

2) Be that thing.

3) The end.

Taco Bell

SMORE (and a boyscout)
DIY Couples Halloween Costume

DONUT (and a cop)
DIY Couples Halloween Costume

VOLLEYBALL (Wilson from Castaway)
DIY Couples Halloween Costume

DOGS (Well, Trent was the dog...and I was Cruella Deville)
DIY Couples Halloween Costume

TAYLOR SWIFT (...and Kanye..interrupting for a sec)
DIY Couples Halloween Costume

Simple enough.

Other Tidbits:
1) Go for "non-traditional" couples. 

Sure, we could have been snow white and prince charming. But instead, Trent was a poison apple.

DIY Couples Halloween Costume

Except some people thought he was a pumpkin because I made the stem too long. SORRY NOT SORRY. Made that outfit literally 5 minutes before we left. Some of the red paint dried to his head.

2) Be something in the recent news/pop culture. 

Some people just won't get it, and it's unfortunate. But, the people who do get's the best.

"DOUBLE RAINBOW ALL THE WAY ACROSS THE SKY!!!" "What does this mean!?" (watch here)
DIY Couples Halloween Costume

Or take it from my genius sister and brother-in-law...Sweet Brown and a cold pop. (watch here)

DIY Couples Halloween Costume

Pop culture can also be sort of offensive, so watch out. I suggested "Bethany Hamilton and a Shark" in my DIY Couples Halloween Costume post last year and my mom told me to take it off. Sorry mom.

3) Find an occupation, and pair it with something related

EXAMPLE: cop and donut OR airman and an airplane

I really just wanted to be an airplane so I could wear that twirly hat.

4) Find a creative "single" costume and make it into two 
For example: I saw a girl in an egg costume with devil horns (deviled egg). One of you be the devil. The other an egg. Just don't lose your significant other or everyone will think your egg costume is lame.

Trent complained that if I left him when we were castaway, he would look like a homeless mail carrier.

Well, we completely stumbled into this so that's probably the best advice we can offer, soo...yep, good luck!

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  1. Hi Katie! Just ran across your blog from the KS Women Bloggers website. Hi-larious and fantastic ideas! I went to a Halloween party once with a bag of tortilla chips clipped to my belt. Everyone kept asking what I was. Clearly, I was all that and a bag of chips. Also, snacks on the ready.
    I'm a new blogger so just saying hi, too. Thanks for the laugh!
    Erin from It All Matters Mom


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