Thursday, September 25, 2014


This past weekend we went to Bull Shoals, Arkansas with Trent’s family.

The city we stayed in was Flippin, Arkansas. Hahahaha They had a "Flippin Pharmacy", "Flippin Gas Station", "Flippin Christian Church"…I could keep going, but you get the picture.

Trent drove up a few days before me, so I got to drive 6 "flippin" hours with Gracie Belle.

You guys, she was the absolute worst ALL WEEKEND. I think she whined for 3 straight days. Just constantly. “I promise, she is not this needy at home.”

Little terror.

The weather was just gorgeous. We got to do some boating and swimming by the dock.

My favorite was to be on a raft, with a kickboard under my feet, basking (I almost typed basting) in the sun with the cool water drifting me away.

Gracie hated the drifting.

She really, really hated it.

She would whine and cry from the dock. I kept wondering what was going on in her head. "What is she thinking right now?" “Why can’t she chill out, I’m right here.”

The whining got pretty old after a while. She couldn’t really swim to me. The water was deep and intimidating and I was a good 20 feet from her reach.  

As much as that little dog does me wrong, I still love that nugget, and I didn’t want her to be scared. I wanted her to be in my reach. I doggie-paddled over there from my raft to get her to calm down.

And she just stared at me. Whining still.

"Gracie, jump on here."

More whining.

"I won’t drop you, just jump." 

Whine. Whine. Whine. Whine. Whine.

Before long I realized, she isn’t going to jump. Nope. She needs me to reach for her. She needs me to grab her and hold her tight. She was weak, her fears of falling in stronger than her trust in me. That I would catch her.

What a perfect picture of the gospel this is.

I’m little Gracie. I see God far away, but I cannot reach him. The water of sin provides a barrier between us.

God doesn’t have to come to shore. He is completely content on His raft way out in the deep blue lake, soaking in the "heavenly" sunshine.

But he hears my cry. AND HE RESPONDS.

He sends Jesus to take on the waters, doggie-paddling like a "flippin" boss all the way to me on shore. 

Or He just walked on the water. I don’t know.

So there I am helpless, as he arrives. Whining, crying, trying to decide if He can be trusted.

And you know what he does? He makes it even easier for me. He reaches for me. He grabs the deepest doubts of my heart and draws me to Him. Holds me there while I recognize I’ve made the biggest leap of faith in my life. And I am finally safe.

And then, Jesus doggie-paddles me 20 feet out, to heavenly sunshine. Where I wanted to be so badly before but couldn’t get there.

Knowing me, I’m probably whiney and scared that whole 20 feet there. Because I’m human. I’m flawed. Though I’m confident I’m on Jesus’ lifeboat and I know in the deepest part of my soul that I WILL SEE GOD, I cry and whine and doubt why Jesus brought me this route. Why I’ve been exposed to the deep blue darkness of sin along the way.

Maybe you are where I am, on a lifeboat provided by Jesus. Maybe you haven’t even jumped onto the lifeboat yet. Or maybe you don’t even think the lifeboat exists.

My life’s purpose is to tell you that the lifeboat is real. The only way to get to God sitting in heavenly sunshine is to accept Jesus’ life boat. The ONLY way.

You are being reached for. Do you realize that?

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  1. Flippin is where Kelly from Kelly's Korner is from! I think her parents still there live and her dad is a pastor at one of the churches. And yes, I know I sound like a total creeper :)


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