Monday, September 8, 2014

Our Mini Vacation in Photos

My beautiful friend Allie got married this past weekend in Washington DC!

I got to be a part of Allie's big day as a bridesmaid! And I also got to do her wedding day makeup...which was the easiest job in the world because that girl is just stunning!!! Best skin I think I have ever worked with. Just flawless.

Trent and I got to do a little site seeing while we were there. Love spending quality time with my man.

Our weekend in iPhone photos (wish I would have remembered to bring my nice camera dangit!)

Best Thai food we've EVER had.

Trent called this "escalator to heaven". HAHA!

Trent loved the air and space museum. HAHA.

We went on a flight simulator there. Trent flipped us upside down so many times I thought I might puke. MEAN!

Trent: "Of course you would want a photo of the only shoes in the entire place."

George Washington Masonic National Memorial

Rehearsal dinner

Wedding day!


Photo credit to Trent:

Photo credit to Trent again:

My favorite place we went, the Lincoln Memorial.

In Lincoln's quotes, permanantly engraved into the wall, I saw humility, grace and recognition of a powerful God. What a cool experience it would be to have someone like Lincoln in office again.

What a weekend!! So much fun, but happy to be back with our pup in Kansas :-)

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