Friday, October 10, 2014

Husband Hack 3.0

Guess who's back...back again!

This is a little more light hearted of a post...but one i felt needed writing anyway.  Katie is asleep on the couch...shouldn't have left your blogger page up sucker!

ANYWAY...On to the real reason I am writing.  I love fall...for so many reasons.  After typing that, I realize that is not very masculine...bring on the haters. Judge me.

So here are the TOP 10 reasons I love fall:

1. Fall means football.  More precisely college football.  More precisely still...Mizzou Football!  There is nothing like it, and thanks to Katie's Parents we are going to watch Mizzou beat Georgia tomorrow! I had to make this number one so that you didn't question my masculinity the rest of the post. Mountains. Steaks. Football. Trucks.  You get it.

2. The Weather. So so so good.  Not too cold, not too hot.  I know that God says he can't stand lukewarm Christians (revelation 3:16)...but i feel like when it comes to weather, God is a BIG fan of lukewarm. I mean...who isn't?!

3. Halloween.  My wife loves to come up with funny costumes...I love the sympathetic looks I get from other married men as I walk around in those costumes.  Also the day after halloween is literally the greatest candy sale on earth! 70% off?!? More like 70% of the entire aisle in my cart!! #doublecart

4. Celebration of my wife.  I am a REALLY lucky guy.  I am not just saying that either.  No joke... there have been multiple occasions where people literally ask me how in the world I got Katie to marry me.  I guess I should be offended...but I am mostly just proud.  Anyway september holds Katie's birthday and our anniversary.  I am so grateful for her and I get a couple of really good chances to show that every fall.

5. New iPhones.  They come out with a new iPhone every september and I can't wait...every september.  It's like christmas morning in september. Go ahead judge me. I am a geek, I love math and new tech gadgets.  I am over it.

6. Pumpkin Spice Latte's.....NOT! hahahaha I may have said "I love fall for so many reasons" but I wouldn't be caught dead with a Pumpkin Spicer in my hand.  More like pansy spice latte, AM I RIGHT!?

7. Tesla Motors.  I know this has nothing to do with fall...but it kind of does because Tesla made an announcement yesterday that their cars will now have autopilot.  You can get on your smart phone...tell your car to meet you out front in 15 minutes and it will back itself out of the garage and drive up to meet you.  INCREDIBLE!

8. Thanksgiving.  I mean...I am very thankful and very blessed. Let's just be honest though...thanksgiving is pretty much just a reason to eat WAY too much turkey and mashed potatoes. I have heard it said that Thanksgiving is the KC Royals of one expects much but Billy "country breakfast" Butler steals home in game seven of the world series to win it all! Maybe that's a stretch...

9. Raking leaves.  There is something therapeutic about raking a giant plastic fork across the ground for hours and hours...on second is just terrible.  I tried to love it, I would like to award myself an "E" for effort.  I prefer to employ the ancient Chinese proverb "he who rakes last...rakes least"

10. I am not going to do a tenth because I can't think of another one...and Katie is bound to wake up at some point.  I also love to stick it to the man by not doing round numbers of things! Wooo! Rock and Roll!

Well, it has been fun blogosphere!

Until next time...

Trent Raines

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