Sunday, November 2, 2014

10 Things You Should Know About Trent

Yesterday was Trent's favorite day of the year. The day after Halloween.

November 1st means 50% off Halloween candy at Walmart, and Trent goes HARD. I don't think I've ever seen him spend less than $50.

The guy loves candy.

If you know Trent, it's not surprising. But I thought I would share some things you possibly don't know about Trent...since he so lovingly made "Five things you should know about Katie" post way back when. Except I made twice as many. IN YOUR FACE!

So here they are, 10 Things you should know about Trent:

1. He has a candy drawer.
He literally fills an entire drawer with candy. He's done it ever since I met him his sophomore year of college. The man loves candy, and he is not ashamed.

2. He's in "incredible health"
If you've read "Trent's tips for healthy living", you know that his habits are...well...toxic. But somehow, every time he goes to the doctor they think he is in immaculate shape. His heart rate was literally 48, which is what some endurance athletes work for their entire lives. And we won't even talk about his lung capacity. It's insanely good.

We recently got life insurance, and they ran a million and one tests to determine what kind of risk he was. Trent came back a perfect "super preferred", and was instructed by the doctor to "just keep doing whatever you are doing. You're in some of the best shape I've ever seen." Trent's response..."Yes sir! I will continue doing EXACTLY what I have been doing." *shovels candy into mouth*

3. He is obsessed with new technology
If you want to know what features the new iPhone 6 has that are different from the iPhone 5, ask Trent. He stalks tech sites like it's his freaking job. I always feel bad for the Verizon guy when Trent starts asking questions about the phones. Good luck Verizon guy!!

4. He plays guitar and sings
I always thought it was attractive when a guy could play guitar and sing...and I got one! A really talented one, at that. The first time I heard him sing, I thought he sounded like Howey Day in "Collide" ;-) Trent led Monday Night Worship in college, and leads worship at our church about once a month or so.

5. He has a ton of friends
I have never met a guy who has more friends than Trent. Seriously. Everyone loves him. And they aren't so-so friends. They are good friends that are there for you when life happens.

6. He never gets embarrassed
It takes a LOTTT to make Trent embarrassed. He is super comfortable and confident in who he is, which is just hott. Just watch him on the dance floor. The man gets DOWN with absolutely no shame. He's been known to drop it low and bring it up slow (signature move).

7. He is a bad driver
He says I'm a back seat driver...but you guys, HE DOESN'T SPEED UP TO MAKE A GREEN LIGHT. I mean, come on!! Yellows mean PUNCH IT.

8. He's a cyclist
Trent rode on Mizzou's mountain bike and road cycling team while in college. He isn't just a rider though, he literally knows everything about the entire cycling world. Anytime we pass a bike strapped to the back of a car, Trent's like "hmmm ya, a Gary Fisher Superfly 29er with dual suspension. Nice." How you could determine all of that while passing the car on the highway, I have no idea.

9. He is a "numbers person"
Trent graduated with a biomedical engineering degree. He actually LIKES math. Who enjoys that crap? I will say, it's nice to have him around to figure out the exact price of items on sale. "TRENT! What's 60% off $13.75?"

10. He is good at fixing things
He gets excited to build a piece of furniture from IKEA. REALLY!?!? And he's fixed my car at least 10 times. One time I came home and he had taken the ENTIRE toilet apart to replace a part. The guy knows how to do stuff that I do my best to avoid.

I am just SO thankful that Trent is talented at things I am not. And I am so thankful I get to be his wife, and live life beside him. Love you Trent!

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