Monday, December 8, 2014

Christmas Gifts Guide

I made a gifts guide last year, and thought I would throw one together again this year...before it's too late! These are mostly girly ideas. Sorry not sorry.

These mugs keep your coffee warm for 8 hours or your sweet tea cold for 18 hours
Buy it here

Noonday Jewelry
If you are looking for a "give back" gift, this is it! Noonday is a company that seeks out the vulnerable and gives them dignified jobs. I talked about Noonday in this post, if you are interested.
Buy it here

Gel Nails system
If you have a girly-girl on your list and are looking for a higher ticket item, this would be a great option. I've had mine for several years and L-O-V-E it. I literally have a professional light now since I was doing nails errryy week for friends, but here is what I first had that would be an awesome starter kit: Gelish kit here |  UV Lamp here. I bought pretty much all my colors through Amazon under the "Gelish" brand.

Wool Socks
All my Younglife high school girls are wearing leggings with wool socks and Keds-type shoes. Can you say 1980's!?! Trent bought me these wool blend socks and oh. my. gosh. They make such a big difference! I'm not wearing them with keds, but they sure are cozy under some boots!!
Buy it here

Datevitation Coupon Book
If you are looking for something sentimental, I ran into this company last year that I thought was adorable. It's a personalized coupon book you can crop your face into and print with fun things. Hilarious!
Buy it here
True Blue mini Paraffin
My favorite hand lotion to throw in my purse during dry winter months. A perfect stocking stuffer for your mom or your sister.
Buy it here

If your wife constantly looses her keys, or your husband looses his wallet, get this. It tracks your stuff and it's trendy and cool.

Buy it here

Bible Wedgie
A bookmark for your bible crack. I made one of these in the 6th grade, except we called it a "bible thong". I'm rebranding and selling them on etsy. Seriously. But I didn't brand it in time for Christmas, so you are going to have to make your own. It's wax string and some beads. So difficult.

Real Techniques Brushes
Best brushes out there and they won't break your wallet. I use their eye brushes as well as facial, and they are all awesome.
Buy it here

If she freaks out when she gets free makeup samples, buy her a sample subscription, like Birchbox or Ipsy. Samples come every month to her doorstep and it's the most exciting thing ever.
Buy it here

I hope this was helpful! 

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