Thursday, December 4, 2014

Christmas Time!

You guys won't believe how clean my house is.

TOLD YOU! Look at that. Not a single dog toy on the ground. That is what success looks like.

Last year I bought a million silver ornaments after Christmas. It was exciting to get all the decor back out because I genuinely forgot what I bought. First World problems??

Still looking for a tree topper and some garland. Let's be honest though, I'm probably too cheap to buy them full price. Stay tuned for next year's tree I guess. Long hair don't care!

Our elf on the shelf is back...with some damages. Gracie chewed his crotch out. Now we have to sew him some underwear.

April 12th is the day Trent proposed :-) I keep this little vintage calendar out year round that my mother-in-law got me.

New to the living room: my college hamper that I now use for blankets!

OMG. My dog. SO cute.

Hutch Redo post will give you the details on below.

Santa on a diet.

Mark 10:45. What kind of king comes to serve? Our King.

DIY Spray paint chalkboard post here.

Still using the DIY Spray paint lamp.

Snow globes from last years Christmas Decor.

I'M SORRY. THIS IS JUST TOO CUTE. Not even staged.

Christmas tree out of a tomato cage and a string of lights.

I can't find an extension cord to plug that tree in. Ugh. First world life.

I would decorate the candy machine but it's too festive and perfect as is.

Gracie's stocking is hung! Right next to all of her favorite balls, bunnies...and herself.

Gracie's little corner of the world. Notice her boyfriend on top.

My mom found these awesome hurricanes at a thrift store. Love them.

It was fun to find new places for things! Happy decorating!


  1. Katie you are so so so so very talented! Your house looks amazing!


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