Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Hi from Tratie


It's the dream team aka Katie and Trent.  Tratie, Kent, whatever tickles your fancy.  Trent is writing right now...hence the dream team comment and the "tickle your fancy".  Katie told me "absolutely not" on both of those things :)

If you are wondering where we have been, then brace yourself for the massive recap of our recent lives.

Here it is.

We've been watching Netflix. A lot.

Like Chantal a lot.  For those of you that don't know our former roomie Chantal, homegirl can chew through 5 seasons of a TV show in like a day.  Believe it.

Pardon the interruption: We had to take a break from writing so that Katie "back seat blogger" Raines could tell me not to double space between each sentence.  Yes.  I just double spaced both of those.  


Katie wants to type now...try not to fall asleep! I will be back!

If I didn't already commit to not editing this post, Trent "double space" Raines would no longer be Trent "double space" Raines. 

Besides Netflix, we have been doing a lot of Christmas-ing. It's a verb. We spent 4 hours packing and wrapping for KC. Gracie Belle stayed at the doggie kennel in Topeka for 4 days. Mostly because she is an absolute terrorist anywhere she goes. She is a literal bomb to anyone's property.

So we pick her up on Saturday and notice...her bark is like, raspy. At first I was like "Gracie, have you been smoking?" But then I realized....dogs don't like cigarettes. 

Actually, Gracie would probably love a cigarette. No one test her. She can't resist peer pressure. DARE.

So Trent and I came to the conclusion that, well, she is hoarse. 

Like after you go to a football game and scream for 6 hours hoarse. 

There is only one answer here...Gracie barked for a solid 4 days and lost her voice.

Those poor, poor employees of Stonehouse Animal Clinic. God bless their souls. 

Gracie's afternoon shredding 
Back to Trent.


It is good to be back, I've really missed you guys.  I felt like we had a really good thing going until Backseat Blogger jumped in.  It's ok, we all need grace.

Katie just hit me after she read the sentence I just typed.  I am ok, just some light bruising.  Thanks for asking.  You are a real sweetheart.


I have two words for you: Word Crack.  It's an app and it is super addicting.  Think speed scrabble mixed with boggle.  Katie and I like to tag team it and play against people 2 on 1.  Sometimes when we have a spare minute, we get on and play a game or twenty.  Find us, username: Crackinfaces

I came up with the username...to strike fear into our opponents.  This game is 99% mental 1% physical.  The physical part is just the finger swiping.  That being said, I am not going to sit here and act like I haven't broken a sweat whilst crackin faces.  Mostly due to the intensity that I bring EVERY GAME!! WOOOOOOOO!!!!!

Sorry, I need to take a break and cool down.  Katie...your cute butt is up now


If anyone is wondering, we are switching chairs every time it's "our turn".

Speaking of chairs, we got our nephew, Palmer, "something every man needs", as Trent put it. 

It's a tiny recliner. I just can't even. OMG. He's too cute.

Notice the baby sized Dr Pepper...Trent's contribution, of course.

Well that's enough cuteness for tonight. I'll leave you with some more photos from our Christmas because Trent doesn't know to work "that stupid picture thing".

Ugh...Trent wants to do a sign off...so here he is.

Stay classy San Diego!

It's Katie. I apologize for the above photo.


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