Thursday, December 11, 2014

One of the most embarrassing days of my life.

I did something totally embarrassing. I ran into the Kansas Turnpike toll bar.

Like the bar that goes up and down when you pay? Ya, I ran into it.

I didn't just run into it...I really kind of SLAMMED into it. My cat-like reflexes swerved right, so it only smacked half my windshield, then slid off the top and made my radio antenna bounce around. Must be a little flex in the toll bar...otherwise it would have snapped in half.

Then I ran over a cone and crunched the crap out of it.

I didn't even know you could crunch those tall skinny cones whose base is made of like rubber or whatever, but you can. I did it.

And why was there even a stupid cone there!? All I know is I was too embarrassed to get out of my car. Is there damage? I don't know. I didn't look.

So I proceeded to hold up traffic in not one, but TWO LANES while the Kansas Turnpike employee ran out there to collect my payment.

I mean what kind of annoying person goes through the freaking fast pass lane without a fast pass?

This girl. When she forgets that she's not driving her husband's car.

Let me tell you guys...people are NOT happy with you when you prevent them from using a lane designated to making things faster.

So besides receiving a few drive-by death threats for the remainder of my trip, life has been going ok.

My car is ok, thank the Lord. Had this baby since I was 19.

Trent had strep early this week, so I've been doing a lot of care taking. And he's been doing a lot of cough drop eating. And snoring. And just laying there looking handsome.

Tonight we ate chilly cheese coney's and watched a documentary on Netflix called "Burt's Buzz". If that isn't a perfect picture of marriage I don't know what is...Netflix and Sonic coneys. The documentary is about the guy with the beard on Burt's Bees products. He actually exists and is a straight up honey badger. Dude lives with no electricity. And he doesn't care.

Gracie has been whining the whole night because she wants double dinner. TOO BAD GRACIE BELLE!!! There's no 4th meal in this house.

Look what she is doing right now. Just sitting there. Whining.

She's bored so she's decided to torture me. We haven't been taking our daily walks since it's arctic temperatures out. So now I chase her around the house. That's sort of the same thing.

I'm going to bed because our heater basically shuts off at 10 and it feels like my fingers are going to fall off. Old house problems.

I'll join my husband upstairs who is currently strumming his guitar. I can hear it from here. Love that man and his talents.


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