Monday, January 19, 2015

10 Common Beauty Bloopers

I'm kicking off this beauty series with solutions for common beauty bloopers!

I took an uncomfortable amount of selfies in order to create this post. Gettin' up close and personal! Don't judge me.

I guess this would also be a good time to let you know I have no professional training, unless you consider YouTube a beauty school, in which case I'd say I'm a graduate. I started watching beauty review videos at age 19, because I was always sick and didn't have a TV in my room. Anddddd it morphed into my makeup obsession today.

That being said, let's get started!

Mascara above the eyelid
The classic bump of mascara above the eyelid! Or the nose. Or cheek. It happens and it's extremely annoying when it does. Especially if you choose "Blackest black" mascara.

A simple solution? Wait till it's completely dry, then gently rub with a Q-tip. It comes off without smearing all over the place!

Oily skin on-the-go
When it's humid, my skin gets oily. I love those little oil removal sheets that you can keep in your purse, but hate how expensive they can be.

I've found that tissue paper is pretty much the exact same thing. I keep a little stack of tissue I cut in my armoire, to bring with me to events where I might need a little oil blotting. I've also heard that sanitary toilet seat cover work, if you are desperate. HAHA

Dirty Makeup Brushes
It's smart to clean your brushes, especially if you have acne-prone skin. I don't do it near as often as I should!

What I found works best is shampoo! Literally any kind. If you have sensitive skin, use baby soap. I just squirt a little into my palm and swirly my brush around, face down. Rinse, then lay out to dry.

Creased Eyeshadow
In High School I used dark grey and silver eyeshadow for a dance once. By the end of the night I literally had lines of dark eyeshadow creased across my lids. I didn't understand how people could wear these dark colors without this happening.

The solution is eye primer. It sticks to your lids and prevents your eyeshadow from creasing for up to 24 hours. My favorite is the one pictured above, Urban Decay's Primer Potion. It's $12 for the little bottle or $20 for the one shown. I usually only have to replace it once a year.

Black makeup under the eyes
Sometimes it is really hard to get that black makeup off!! It sits below the eyes and gives a sort of zombie-like appearance.

Lotion can be an excellent makeup remover. I use the "dotting" technique above, then swipe with a tissue. Sometimes I'll do it a few times to make sure it's all off. A makeup remover without the price tag of one!

Unruly Eyebrows
Some brows stick in all directions! I've found this is due to either brow hairs being pretty long, or brow hairs naturally growing in at odd angles.

I use two different tools to solve this. First, is a little Philips Eyebrow trimmer that I got at Target for $12. It has an attachment that trims the hairs of your brows without shaving them all off. I also like to use Elf's eyebrow gloss, that keeps my eyebrows going the right direction.

Clumpy Mascara
One of the most frustrating things when applying makeup is clumpy mascara! For me, mascara is literally my final step before I'm finished. The last thing I want to do is wipe it off and start over!

A good solution can be to dab your mascara brush with a paper towel before application. Almost always, I get clumping when I have too much product on the brush -usually if it's a new bottle I opened within the past 2 weeks. Make it easier on yourself and don't overwhelm yourself with too much at one time.

Eyeliner that sticks to your eyelid
If you have oily skin, you know this too well! It's so annoying and took me a long time to find the right solution. Transferred eyeliner can be attributed to several things:
-the eyeliner being too thick
-eyelids too oily
-the type of eyeliner you are using (gel vs liquid vs pencil)
-or maybe it could be your eye shape naturally falls in a place that rubs against your eyelid all day

If you have oily skin or an eye shape that hits that liner all day, I suggest using liquid eyeliner. It's the least likely to transfer to your eyelid. If it still transfers, make sure you try using an eye primer from your lashes all the way to your brow bone.

Gel eyeliner can be an excellent solution as well, depending on brand. My favorite is L'oreal Paris Infallible Gel Liner.

Eyeliner pencils, in my opinion, are the EASIEST to transfer. Even if I use eye primer, I still have a hard time with it not transferring to my eyelid by the end of my day. I would not suggest pencils for those with oily skin.

Chalky or Caked Foundation
My winter skin does not have a whole lot of moisture. When I apply my foundation, it can look as if it's "chalky" looking.

My solution to this is combining my foundation with face moisturizer. This creates a more sheer appearance, and gives my skin some life. This is also a good way to tone down a foundation that is a little too dark. 

Another solution is to spritz your face with water and carefully dab it with a brush after you apply your makeup. 

Crooked Eyeliner
This is tough for a lot of people, and was definitely not easy for me when I first started.

The solution is partially just practice. The more you do it, the easier it becomes. A few other tricks: ---Try dabbing off some of the product with a paper towel before applying. This allows you to move slower, without it running all over your lid, and gives you more control.  
-Try laying the brush FLAT against your lid like the first picture. Using the point, like in the second picture, makes it a lot harder to create a straight line. 

I hope you found this post helpful! Feel free to comment below or message me privately with any questions! 


  1. Great tips Katie! Especially the one about Oily Skin, that is totally my struggle when it comes to makeup.


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