Sunday, January 25, 2015

Bridal Beauty Hacks!


I've been busy this weekend working at the Bridal Fair, run by 94.5 Country in Topeka (whom I work for)! We had over 600 brides and their entourage attend. Holy moley.

Each year we distribute a Bridal Magazine, and this year I got to write some beauty advice for brides! I thought I would share them with you today! 

I was not able to use specific product names in the article, so I will link related blog posts below each Hack!

Low SPF Foundation
Avoid foundation, powders and moisturizers with high SPF on your big day! Though this fancy makeup technology is useful in protecting your skin, products with high SPF reflect light and create a ghostly white appearance when a direct flash is used. This is known as a "flashback" -when your face literally reflects the flash back at the camera. Before your big day, apply your makeup the way you normally would, then use your cell phone with flash to determine if your makeup will give you trouble!
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Gel Polish
For a long lasting manicure and pedicure treatment without the fuss of acrylics, try gel nails! This special formula brushes on like regular polish, is hardened under a UV light and lasts up to 14 days without chipping! Pricing for a manicure ranges in the industry from $30-$40. Try blush pinks, bold reds or fresh french tip on fingers or toes that will last through sandy beach honeymoons!
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Eyeshadow Primer
There's a simple trick to achieve silky smooth eyeshadow that will last all day! Before applying eyeshadows or liners, prep your lids with eye primer. Primer eliminates creasing and provides the perfect base for neutral or vibrant colors. A simple prep step to leave your eye makeup flawless for the big day!
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Clear Pores
Foundation can appear bumpy if pores aren't clear before applying. For smooth skin that reduces the appearance of pores, use an exfoliant once a week. Examples could be pore strips, apricot scrubs, or DIY scrubs, such as oil and sugar. Scrubs can also be used on legs and arms for gorgeous glowing skin!
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Deep Conditioning 
Prep your mane with weekly deep conditioning treatments for hair that looks shiny and healthy for your big day! Many salon and drug store conditioners provide moisture expected to improve hair in just a few weeks. For DIY deep conditioners, try olive oil and honey, coconut oil and an egg, mayonnaise and honey, or avocado and olive oil.

UV Free Tanning
If you desire some color for your big day but don't want to damage your skin, consider UV Free Tanning! Though sunless tanning has had the reputation of an "orange" tone in the past, new technology provides very natural looking color without blotchy patches. Speak with a local tanning salon for more information.
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Hope it was helpful! 

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