Thursday, January 15, 2015


HEEEEYYYYYYYY!!!!!!! It's me, Trent!

You might have noticed...I put the first word in caps with 7 exclamation marks.  That is what we call "excessive"

I figured it would be better to show you than tell you.

You are undoubtedly familiar with excessive nature of the world today. Here are a few examples from social media

Various Social Media Posts Titles
   "This video will change your life" (really?  has that ever happened? like honestly?)
   "This is the best song I have ever heard" (ok...let's not get carried away)
   "This is the cutest thing I have ever seen" (I guarantee you it isn't cuter than the puppy bowl)
   "OMG!" ( are so shocked you can't form words)
   "This is the worst day of my life..." (never includes an explanation, thus making it 10x worse)

YOU GET THE POINT!!!! <see what i did there?

But I try not to worry myself with the ways of the world...unfortunately the "excessivity" of the world has invaded my home and marriage...Through the means of one Katie J. Raines

I have a 4 examples

One: Boots

The other day, i was cleaning up the house (i know, husband of the year) and found a pair of katie's boots downstairs.  Naturally I ran upstairs to put the boots away and found this:

REALLY?!? I mean don't get me wrong I love women's boots just as much as the next guy...aka I couldn't care less...but this seems a little excessive.  Please note this entire closet full of boots does not include a SINGLE PAIR of shoes or sandals...if you are counting...that is 18 PAIRS OF BOOTS!

Two: christmas decorations.

We decorated for christmas because "it will be so fun and festive".  Which I totally agree with.  I can't think of two words that better describe spending 6 hours shaping fake christmas trees and hanging christmas decorations.  Fun and Festive indeed.

You must understand though...we don't just decorate.  We go hard!  I'm talking...our christmas trees have christmas trees.  We don't have gingerbread houses...we have gingerbread villages.  We have enough fake evergreen and fake snow around to make me honestly question whether i am inside or not.

I didn't have any pictures but I found this picture on google image search that looks almost identical to our house

But that's not all!!  The best part of it is that we spent from the 23rd to the 28th with family in Kansas City. read that right...we weren't even home! 6 hours to decorate 3 more to un-decorate...and we were't even here on christmas.   To really ice the cake, katie says while tearing down "I love taking down decorations! it goes so much faster than putting them up!"  Really Katie...really?

Wait...I have an idea!  It would make the un-decorating process literally fly by...DON'T PUT THE DECORATIONS UP IN THE FIRST PLACE!

Three: Reaction to the immediate environments temperature.

Let me walk you through how a normal person goes from cold to hot...
  1. I am cold
  2. I am chilly
  3. I am fine
  4. I am warm
  5. I am sweating
  6. I am burning up

Now let me walk you through how katie goes from cold to hot..
  1. I am about to lose a limb due to frost bite
  2. I am about to pass out from heat exhaustion

Temperature control in a car is absolutely hopeless...


Four: Desktop Icons

I cannot explain to you how many desktop icons katie makes.  But in order to stay sane, occasionally I select all the icons and drop them into a folder called "Dektop Icons"

In order to illustrate the severity of Katie's icon addiction I moved all the icons back to the screen to show you what the computer would look like if i chose to leave katie to her depravity.

Lastly...loving me.  I know it is hard to believe for some...But I am a pretty tough guy to love sometimes.  I wish I was just saying that to be fake humble...but I am not....and Katie is extremely excessive in the amount she loves me.  I guess you could say I excessively love her back for that and so many other reasons.

Over and Out


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  1. This hilarious! I see a lot of myself in this post. I sent the link to my boyfriend! Haha!


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