Friday, February 13, 2015

Fire Breathing Focus

Last year Trent sold his motorcycle with the best craigslist ad of all time.

He's done it again....

2003 Ford Focus ZTS!!!!!!!!!

Thinking of finally upgrading your ride to the car of your dreams? Or, maybe you just want a little more respect at work or school... I have just the thing.

This fire breathing focus is made from 100% American chick magnet.  So if you are a guy, I hope you're single.  If you are a girl, I hope you have time for about 1000 new best friends.

As you may have noticed the ZTS model comes standard with a rear spoiler.  The reason it comes standard is the same reason that Formula 1 race cars come standard with a spoiler...If you didn't have one you would LITERALLY take flight when you are over 200mph (not hard to do in this baby)

I am not going to lie to you...this monster has been driven.  Is she perfect?  I don't know?! ARE YOU PERFECT?! I think you need to take a good hard look in the mirror...

There are a few "custom" features:

--A couple of TINY rust spots on the bottom edge of the body. We wanted a custom look but decided on rust spots instead of flames.  Subtle, but it still lets them know you're not messing around.

--Naturally cooled/heated drivers seat.  This car will get your blood pumping so heating in the driver seat electrically is just wasteful.  You could say this was a green initiative...basically making this a semi-hybrid.  The passenger seat we left heated...for the comfort of our co-pilot.

--Custom noise making squeaking belt.  Anyone can have a silent belt.  TOO EASY!  If you really hate the noise, you can turn the A/C off or above level 2.  That being are going to want people to look over at you when you pull up...TRUST ME.  This guy gets it: "You should be up cooking breakfast!"

--Weight saving coolant leak.  When you are in a race, the last thing you want is a tank full of useless coolant slowing you down.  It is a manageable leak...nothing CrAzY

--Custom Fit SCOTCH® tape holding the antenna into the dash.  Could I have replaced this with glue to make it look cleaner? Maybe...IF I DIDN'T CARE AT ALL ABOUT THE WEIGHT SAVINGS!  Come on rookie...this is Day 1 stuff.

--Race tuned transmission.  AKA sometimes she holds on to first gear longer than a normal racer would feel good about.  Trust her...she knows what she is doing.  (Full disclosure: the transmission has slipped before.  Hasn't done it in several months, seems to be fine)

Other than that it is pretty much stock.
Leather Seats
Power Sunroof
Remote Lock/Unlock
Heated Mirrors
Typical Airbags
Clean Title
Working Heat and A/C
Runs Well

Let me know if you have any other questions about this hot rod. Price is Negotiable.

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