Sunday, March 15, 2015

Blowouts and Birthday Parties!

Life has been full of fun things and not so fun things the last week or two. Today I'm going to focus on the fun things with a big 'ol photo dump.

I keep doing these photo dumps because my iCloud is full, and every so often I panic and dump all my important things on my computer. It would probably be quicker to just try and understand my iCloud but I DON'T HAVE TIME FOR THAT. Get off my back, you guys.

So last weekend, we got to do a little girls night in Kansas City.

Here are our sad, sad "before" pictures...with our hair all ratchet. I've never used ratchet in a sentence, but I hear my younglife kids say it all the time, so I feel like it should be part of my vocabulary. Anyways...

WE GOT BLOWOUTS!! At Parlor KC Dry Bar on the Plaza.

Blowouts are apparently the new thing. I don't know. All I know is that I loved it. There's no hair cutting, they just wash then style. If you've seen the newest episode of New Girl, you know exactly what a blowout is.

"So essentially they create a problem, and then charge you to fix it?...why don't I break the heels off your shoes and then charge you to glue it back on."

"You ladies need to be very careful. A blowout can give a lady too much confidence. Make them take on things they can't handle."


The magic stuff they used was Sachajuan Volume Powder. It adds volume and keeps your hair looking fresh for daysssss.

Here was the end result of my blowout!

STOP MAKING FUN OF HOW GIANT MY iPHONE 6+ IS! Basically have a piece of toast in my hand.

The curls were so soft and pretty!

We DID NOT waste the blowout. Enjoyed my time with these ladies so much!

Not to mention, this is what my hair looked like the next morning. "I woke up like this!"...but seriously, I woke up like this and it still looked perfect.

This weekend, I kicked Trent out for a night and threw a Sweet Sixteen birthday party for one of my YoungLife girls, Arielle! LOVE HER!

We ate at Texas Roadhouse and did a lot of hooligan things that will be left unmentioned. All I can say is CHINESE FIRE DRILL AT EVERY LIGHT. My head hit the pillow at 2:30am. It was fun to be a teenager again for a weekend :-)

We got to walk with the station I work for in the St Patrick's Day parade the next morning.

Privileged to live life with them.

Today was a recovery day. Resting and processing. I ate too many Reese's Pieces eggs and spent a lot of time outside in the beautiful Kansas weather with my husband.

Especially thankful for friendships these last few weeks.

Goodnight my friends!

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