Tuesday, March 10, 2015

My Hott Woodworker Husband

If you guys didn't know, Trent is a skilled woodworker.

Yes, he fixes cars too. And yes, he has some creative side where he sings and plays guitar. Yes, he has wit and charm and is also a WAY better writer than me, which is sort of embarrassing because he has an engineering degree. "I only wrote one paper in college." REALLY!? JUST GO DO SOME MATH OK!?

JK. I really appreciate when he chimes into the 'ol blog. I've been a little lazy keeping it up.

So Trent is a whopping 3 weeks into his carpentry career, and let me tell you, the man knows how to work a saw. And a nail gun. And an air compressor that makes our house sounds like a jet plane and makes me want to pull my hair out.

It's fine.

I've been wanting a headboard for quite some time, so he basically just picked up some wood one day and went to town.

Not really. We actually fought about which plan to use, because I HAD TO HAVE a piece of architectural salvaged trim because I SAW IT ON REHAB ADDICT and rehab addict is always right and perfect.

Our fight ended with me agreeing on a piece of trim from Lowe's that I didn't hate. Also I just got over myself. An antique piece of wood is not worth a minute of marital tension. GET WITH IT KATIE.

So here we are, with a plan from Ana-White.com that mocks this Pottery Barn Headboard but doesn't cost $700. I personally like Trent's better than Barnie's anyway. Yes I just abbreviated Pottery Barn to Barnie's. Because you would be silly to spend $700 on a headboard that a hott man can make for you for a tenth of the cost.

Without further adieu...the process of our new headboard in photos!


He even built me a tiny shelf to put my phone on!!!!!!!! DYING OF HIS THOUGHTFULLNESS.

Gracie obviously loves it too. She loves everything. Except vacuums. Visitors. Being outside alone. Baths. Quiet. Calm. Still moments. SERENITY.

I'm sort of dying on the inside to paint a deep, dark accent wall to make this baby really POP, but that's for another day!

Thanks Trent, for building me stuff!!


  1. Perfect headboard!!!! That shelf is such a cute and thoughtful idea! Love love love it!

  2. Wow, he did an amazing job!!! And I am going to need a phone stand like that asap!


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