Monday, March 2, 2015

The Tratie Strikes Back Or Tratie's New Lingo

Trent here.  First off I want to apologize for the long title.

You can blame Katie for that.  It's not every day that you get the chance to title a blogpost AND pay homage to the Star Wars classic "The Empire Strikes Back"

So the title should have stopped at 'The Tratie Strikes Back'...But marriage is about compromise.  I digress.

Hi it's Katie. Trent is persistent. Loud and persistent and his sentences are still double spaced, but I'll let it slide. Compromise.

It's 11pm and I'm determined to write tonight because I haven't blogged in...a while. Too busy doing hoodrat stuff with my friends. Which includes whining about the cold, crying about the cold, complaining about the cold, and eating insane amounts of vegetables because I bought them and I WILL EAT THEM.

Believe it or not, Trent ate some of my baked zucchini today. And you won't even believe this...brace yourself...he hasn't drank Dr. Pepper in a month.

Pick your jaw up off the floor people, it's real.

I bribed him with an apple watch. "If you don't drink Dr. Pepper from Feb 1 to June 1, I will buy you an apple watch." I'm a genius.

Trent Again.  Katie just finished describing my worst nightmare.  It also happens to be my life right now. Worst month of my life. But when your wife says something to the affect of "there is no way you would make it until june." You suck it up and Get 'er done. HOORAH!

It's Katie. Please don't say "get 'er done"

It's Trent. Don't interrupt...RUDE.  Anyways.  Back to the purpose of the post, aka moral of the story, aka the reason for the season. Our new slang, I think thats what it's called...

We have learned a lot of new words being Younglife Leaders the past couple of years.  No....I am not talking about four letter words that don't belong in church.  Now, onward to your education from the streets.

Slang: Definition

On Fleek: Just Dandy
Flame: Great
Heat: Good
Bae: Significant Other
Shots Fired: An insult was directed your way
Slaps: Has a good rhythm
Bars: Impressive Rhyme
I'm Dead: I'm laughing so hard, I might die
Swerve: Dodging an insult or advance
Bet: You Betcha
Alright (Name):  It was good to see you (Name)
Squad: Group of friends
Fam: Group of Close Friends
Coolin: Hanging out
TBH: Don't take this the wrong way (usually followed by an outlandish comment)
Hype: Exciting atmosphere
Turnt: Ecstatic

Hi, it's Katie. So ya, as you can see, we're pretty cool. Ever since Bae and I became part of the YLFam (Younglife Family), our vocabulary has been on fleek.

I just have to remember to not refer to my coworkers as "squad".

It's Trent. Katie's baked zucchini sticks were NOT heat. Shots fired.

Stay Classy.

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