Tuesday, April 28, 2015

We Need a Wife

Soooo Trent and I are both, what I would like to call, "easy going".

Though Trent is super logical, he isn't necessarily an organized person...and unfortunately neither am I. Our friends Tammy and Brett like to say "WE NEED A WIFE", so we stole that phrase and use it in any and all circumstances in which our lives are completely and utterly scattered and disorganized. Which is basically 90% of the time. We aren't messy, we just don't take the time to plan ahead or organize things outside of our work.

Occasionally I'll find myself saying "UGH! I wish one of us was organized!!" But then I think..."No, I would want to punch organized Trent."

Then a new thought came to mind..."I'm probably really annoying to someone who is Type-A."

SOO I put together a little list of annoying things that we NON "TYPE-A" people do. Just to get under your skin. HEHEHEHEHEHE!

1. My iPhone Home Screen

A software update. And 328 unread emails. It always looks like this. And I don't care.

2. My Spice Cabinet
Every time I cook, I dig through all of them. You may ask yourself "Katie, why don't you just alphabetize them?" Don't care.

We have been late to at least 4 weddings. One time we squeezed in right before the bride...I was actually pretty embarrassed about that last one.

4. This rug
Gracie slides into it during her daily laps around the house. So it just stays like this...all day every day.

5. My fridge
Most of them are Christmas cards. They frequently fly off the door, and I just magnet them back on.

6. Our dog in general
She destroys everything (see extended list HERE). And she still lives here.

7. My Desktop
Technically these are all filed into one folder...in no organizational method what so ever. (Read here for Trent's post)

8.  Packing before a trip
We literally always pack right before we leave. Sometimes, the morning of. Half my clothes are usually dirty because I never thought to do laundry.

9. Meal Plans
"Oh...I forgot to go to the grocery store." Cereal for dinner! And lunch. And dinner again. And maybe lunch the next day.

10. We're not doing a 10th because we're not type A.


  1. Im literally laughing out loud this morning! I love the constant "I don't care" and not doing a 10th, awesome. Hilarious!!


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