Monday, May 25, 2015

Well here's where I've been for the last month

This Spring was gone in a wink.

Like literally, I didn't have a free night for basically an entire month. It was slightly terrible, but mostly awesome. I got really overwhelmed by finding the time for simple tasks like laundry and putting gas in my car. When you want to cry at the thought of squeezing in an extra 5 minutes to get need a vacation.

Here comes a giant iPhone dump for the past 2 months....I've shared a few of these photos on Instagram, but love to have life documented here.

Let's back up all the way to Easter. Wow. My blogging has been lagging!

We had a great weekend in Kansas City with family. Look at how cute my nephew is!

We participated in the annual egg hunt. If you have not re-produced, you are considered a "kid". The Raines were rakin' in the dough!

My father in law's bike race. That sky...

Ruthie's bachelorette party!

Mama's second chemo treatment.

And shave party :-)

Beautiful as always.


Makeup class :-)

Let the wedding festivities begin!!

Everything went so perfectly! My sister, Ruth, looked absolutely stunning! And Adam looked great too :-)

What a great surprise to get some sunshine for the photos that afternoon. Salt & Light Photo did an incredible job, as always! (They did our wedding photos too)

 Kentucky Derby party this past weekend with Topeka friends!

I'm trying to be better about being thankful for the people and opportunities the Lord gives us. Today, I am thankful for a refreshing 3-day weekend, with plenty of time for me to veg out and watch Netflix.

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  1. I am so thankful that I found your blog this evening. I too, like makeup and found this most interesting. I also like weddings and so I enjoyed seeing the wedding pictures.


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