Monday, June 15, 2015

DRUGSTORE vs HIGH END : Where to save and where to splurge!

Before I continue with this beauty product suggestion series, I wanted to generalize a little bit and talk about what products are totally worth spending a little extra moola on, and products from the Drugstore that work just as well. High end doesn't always mean better!
I've tried a LOT of different mascara. Name the brand and I've probably tried it. But to be totally honest with you, I never notice a difference between high end and drug store. In fact, I like my Covergirl Lashblast better than any other mascara on the market -Even those 2 or 3 times the price! In my opinion, your money could be better spent elsewhere.

Gel Eyeliner
My favorite gel eyeliner is Loreal Paris' Infallible. I actually switched from Tarte's Amazonian Clay Liner to Loreal's on all my brides. It's creamier, doesn't have any fall-out, and has the same color payoff. Not to mention, there is a $15 price savings.

Liquid Eyeliner
I can't say I've tried a whole lot of higher end liquid liners, but I'm so happy with my Maybelline Line Stiletto that I haven't had to look elsewhere. If it's not broke, don't fix it! ;-)


I'll shoot it to your straight: Real techniques brushes are equal, if not better than higher end brushes. Professionals use them, but they are sold at Walmart. It's crazy. I actually got a professional set of brushes by bdellium for Christmas and I love them. It's painful for me to tell you, but Real Techniques are so close to the same quality, and are a fraction of the cost. Regardless of your skill level, this is what you want.

Facial Primers
I'm sorry, but I just don't believe in facial primers. If you use a great foundation like Mac Studio Fix, you do not need a primer. You just don't. (This does not apply to eyeshadow primer...Urban decay Eyeshadow Primer for life!)

Eyeshadow Primer
Eye primer is a product you apply to your eyelids before using eyeshadow. Its main purpose is to reduce creasing. Coming from someone who carries excess oil on their lids (weird spot to be oily, but whatever!) I have yet to find anything even close to Urban Decay's Primer potion! Absolutely worth the $20. This tiny tube lasts me almost an entire year, and I use it every single day.

Full Coverage Foundation
If you are looking for full coverage foundation that doesn't get oily or wipe off halfway through your day, spend the money and get a nice one. More expensive doesn't always mean better in the makeup world, but in this case IT DOES. My favorite is Mac Studio Fix Fluid.

(pressed powder)
I wish this wasn't true, but it is...Drugstore eyeshadows don't even stand a chance next to their higher end counterparts. (Maybelline's Expert Wear in Chai Latte, which I talked about last week, is the closest I've ever found.) As a teen, I never understood how girls were able to blend their eyeshadows so well, until I bought my first MAC eyeshadow in "All that Glitters" (still one of my favs!). It has such a pretty luxe finish, but it doesn't drop glitter all over my face and applies so smooth. Then I noticed when I apply the matte shades in my Urban Decay Naked1 palette, they glide across my crease without being all patchy. That's what good eyeshadow does. Always worth the money because of its finish and longevity! ESPECIALLY if you have more mature skin! (Age 40+)

Contouring Powder
Contouring is sort of an optical illusion that can make your cheekbones appear higher, nose straighter and your face thinner, shorter, taller...whatever you want. You are creating shadows on your face. If the shadowing on your face is all blotchy after a few hours, it sort of ruins the purpose. I really like Benefit's "Hoola" and I've also heard great things about Nars' "Casino" or "Laguna".

I hope you found this helpful! I'm going to try and spit these product suggestion posts out quick in the next week or two!


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