Sunday, June 7, 2015

Makeup Products for Newbies!

I'm often hesitant to make suggestions on beauty products until I am absolutely sure that it's worth a trial for you. So that's why it's taken me literally months to put this series together!! But I'm doing it. It starts TODAY.

I've divided each post by age, budget, and skill level. I am only suggesting products that I actually USE. Today I'm starting with beginners! I envisioned a teen who has never worn makeup before purchasing these products as "firsts".

Age: teens and early 20's
Budget: low (drugstore brands)
Skill level: beginner
Loreal Paris Magic Skin BB in the color Light
I like to think of this BB Cream as a tinted moisturizer that dries matte. A matte finish is great for teens, because they tend to have excess oil. This product is unique because it comes out of the bottle completely white, and turns into a beige color after rubbed in with your fingers. It's actually kind of nice because you know where you haven't rubbed it in as well. I consider this BB Cream to be a one-stop-shop because it doesn't flush you of all your color, but helps blur imperfections. As a newbie, it's hard to know what color of foundation to buy, so this product makes it easy with 4 simple options: Fair, Light, Medium or Deep.
Price: $9.99

Maybelline Expert Wear Eyeshadow Quad in Chai Latte
This is the most versatile drugstore eyeshadow palette I've found because of it's neutral browns in both matte and shimmer. I like to use the light shade all over my lid, up to my brow. I then apply the matte brown in the crease of my lid. I use a little bit of the shimmery copper on the outside corner. I use the dark chocolate along the lower lashes as sort of a liner.
Price: $6.99 

E.L.F. Essential Eyeshadow Brush
I highly suggest using a brush to apply your eyeshadow! The sponge applicators that come with your shadows sort of "wipe" the products onto your skin, while a brush can blend and buffer the products and create a much more natural appearance. If you are looking to test one out, this would be a great place to start.
Price: $1.00

Covergirl Lashblast Volume Mascara in Very Black
When you open a new mascara, it's hard to not get your lashes all chunky. I chose this product for beginners because it doesn't carry an overwhelming amount of product on the brush, even when you first open it. After you use it for a few weeks, you can apply it in layers and get some really beautiful, thick, natural looking lashes. This is my all time favorite mascara that I use daily! I never purchase waterproof because I like to easily take my makeup off at the end of the day.
Price: $8.99

I hope that was helpful! I'm excited to get into some of the more advanced product recommendations in the weeks to come!!


  1. Love this post! Can't wait for the others. I am buying that BB cream today.


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