Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Bang Bang Shrimp, Concerts and Burns

I wish I could tell you guys that I've been doing some spectacular things that have prevented me from having the time to write...

but the truth is, I've been watching a lot of documentaries on Netflix.

You guys, if you haven't seen "Little White Lie" the documentary, you have no idea who you even are.

So other than that, I've been doing a lot of relaxing. It's been such a season of rest for me in a lot of ways. I feel like I'm learning a lot about who I am and where God wants me investing time and where God doesn't want me investing time and how to make really delicious chocolate croissants (trying to sound fancy, but it's really just a canned roll of Pillsbury croissants with chocolate chips).

4th of July was fun. I didn't get hit in the face with a firework, so that's a bonus. Everybody's dogs be freakin out about loud noises and Gracie's over here like..."pets please". No fear in this little guard dog.

Topeka goes absolutely insane for America. If there aren't fireworks being lit on your street for 4 solid nights straight, your neighbors are either out of town or dead. 

Trent has embraced the Topeka culture well. Below is a 180 shot roman candle held by my kid-at-heart hubs. He's cute.

...the shots just kept coming.

Topeka 4th of July Parade...which is approximately 10 minutes long. Sorry to dog on this Topeka tradition, but KC friends will find this so funny...a 10 minute parade. Gone in a wink!

Still so fun, and we got to spend it with friends!

We got to go to a Royals game too!

The Radio station I work for, 94.5 Country, helped host Country Stampede again this year. I went with my friend/sister Lauren (people tell us we look alike!)

And my friend Lindsay (who also work(ed) for the station)

We unexpectedly got party pit passes for Florida Georgia Line. I wouldn't consider myself a celebrity-crazy person, but when everyone around you is literally freaking out at being spit-distance from a country star, things get exciting. A drunk girl in front of us peed her pants. She asked me for hand sanitizer and I was like...girl you need to clean up.

I made those diy distressed high waisted shorts a few years ago, but after a few washes, they had gigantic holes. So I ghetto-pinned/hot glued some cut up lingerie in as a patch. Call me crafty.


This past weekend I made the dumbest mistake of my life. Before leaving for the pool, I couldn't find my sun tan oil, but I did find some baby oil and thought "Eh, pretty much the same thing."

NOT THE SAME THING YOU GUYS. Not at all the same. I basically BAKED my skin in the flaming Kansas heat and looked like a lobster. I BURNT MY SHINS, that's how bad it was. And I felt like a complete idiot because I'm 25 and apparently don't know what sunscreen is.

Speaking of the heat. OMG. It is an oven in Kansas right now. I have to literally drag my dog outside for her to go to the bathroom, because she is NOT about this desert life.

In other news, Amazon Prime Day is today. Not only do you have to be a prime member to participate, but you are on a timer with limited quantities, so you have to beat out almost everyone else who absolutely needs a shoe horn for 20% off. Because that baby will sell out FAST. It's sort of an online garage sale of sorts.

So I spent a portion of my day today watching what other people bought. I saw a bag of Chia seeds sell out in 10 seconds. 10 SECONDS! America will wait hours to get $1.25 off their Chia seed purchase. Don't even mess with us. And the adorable polkadot Keds shoes...if you are not a size 7 then just GET OUT. Only size 7 gets 53% off, you big foot. If you guys don't hustle over to Amazon right now, you might even miss this incredible opportunity to save 41% on a 24 pack of lint rollers. That lint be crazy.

I made bang bang shrimp tacos for my husband, which actually tasted a lot like the real bang bang shrimp tacos from Bonefish (they are gluten free too, FYI). It was the first time I deep friend something, and the oil popped and burned my neck. WHAT IS IT WITH ME BURNING MYSELF!? Maybe I can find a turtleneck on Amazon Prime Day for next time.

Goodnight friends!


  1. I see your four nights of fireworks and I raise you 10 nights. until midnight, 1 or 2 am. I was so exhausted by the time they finished their keep Charity awake until 2 am every night.

    1. HAHA!!! Wow 10 nights is just impressive!! Glad that's over with!

  2. Love all the pics! I love how you crafted those shorts, I remember your post when you made them and thought they were so cute and they look even cuter now! And hand sanitizer?! Really!? I think you need more than that after peeing your pants...

    1. I know right?! She eventually left, but came the same wet shorts.


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