About Me

All there really is to know about me is that I am a testament of God's grace. 

I have been given far more than I deserve.

To sum up my life:

I'm Katie Raines. I'm 25 and live in Topeka, Kansas. I like rap music and Jesus. Makeup and thrifting. Taco Bell and getting my hair done. I like decorating my home on a budget. And shoes. LOTS of shoes.

I graduated from the University of Missouri in 2011. I've had 5 jobs since, all in different industries. You could say I like change.

I'm married to Trent, who eats more candy than anyone I've ever met. He also loves me better than anyone I've ever met.

He occasionally hacks this blog and writes a post or two, which are guaranteed to be more clever and humorous than any of my own posts. I like to say "The people love you, Trent." Because you do. He's ridiculously likable. 

We have a dog named Gracie Belle who has a knack for destruction and running around aimlessly. Her favorite hobby is shredding paper towels into tiny pieces. My least favorite hobby is cleaning it up.

I started this blog to be transparent with my life. Even the not so pretty parts. Sometimes I honestly don't know why I'm writing, but maybe, you find something said here helpful. 

CONTACT ME -it's so encouraging to hear from you!!

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